Here is a short version of “Stations of the Cross”. We can meditate on these stations during our free time, wherever we are – be it office, school or home. These stations will help us to remember Jesus and His passion during the Lenten Season, amidst our busy schedules.

1. First Station

Jesus is condemned to death.

(We may have been condemned by others for no fault of ours. We may have been hurt. We may be unwanted and lonely in this world. We may be a burden for others. Let us give all those painful moments over to the Lord.)

2. Second Station

Jesus carries the Cross.

(Let us remember the times when he had to carry our cross in the form of sin, sickness, pain, worry, despair, loneliness, guilt, loss of loved ones, financial problems and so on. As Jesus bore the cross with patience, let us be patient with our cross and look forward towards greater glory.)

3. Third Station

Jesus falls the first time.

(Let us remember the first time when we gave into temptation and sinned. We fell into sin and moved away from God. Let us repent and ask Jesus for his forgiveness.)

4. Fourth Station

Jesus meets his mother.

(Let us remember our Heavenly Mother who gave birth to Jesus Christ and raised him on this earth. Let us believe in our Heavenly Mother’s powerful intercession. Mother Mary can intercede for us and obtain all graces we need in our lives. Let Mother Mary be our comfort and strength during this earthly journey.)

5. Fifth Station

Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry his cross.

(When we were burdened with our cross, when the cross was too heavy for us to carry, Jesus would have sent someone into our lives to help us carry the cross. It may have been your spouse, your parents, your children, your friends or even a stranger. Jesus would never abandon us. Let us thank Jesus for all those people who gave us hope.)

6. Sixth Station

Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

(Let us remember our family members and friends who were there with us, to comfort us during the most painful times of our life. Let us pray for them, for all the times they comforted us and brought back faith to our lives. )

7. Seventh Station

Jesus falls for the second time.

(We often feel sorry and repent for our sins. We again fall into temptation and then forget everything pretty soon. We go back to our sinful lives, falling into even more greater sins. Let us surrender our hearts to the Lord and be truly repentant and sorry. Let us strive not to keep committing the same sins over and over.)

8. Eight Station

Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem.

(Let us be compassionate and merciful to the people around us. Let us open our eyes to the people suffering in this world. As Jesus comforted the women of Jerusalem, let us have mercy on those in distress. Let our hearts reach out to the Sinners and the people who yet don’t know Jesus.)

9. Ninth Station

Jesus falls the third time.

(Let this be the last time we sin. Let us make our hearts strong and pray to Jesus for strength to fight the temptations of Satan. Let us become closer to God during this Lenten Season, through Fasting, Prayer and Almsgiving.)

10. Tenth Station

Jesus is stripped of his clothes.

(Surrender all those moments in your life which you wish had never ever happened and want to forget forever. It may have been a moment of great embarrassment or great shame. It may be a moment when somebody insulted you or hurt you deeply. When Jesus was stripped of his clothes, he was ashamed and hurt, but he bore everything for our sins. Let us invite Jesus to heal our wounds and surrender all painful moments of our lives to Him.)

11. Eleventh Station

Jesus is nailed to the Cross.

(Let us give up our sinful life. Let all our sins be nailed to the cross so that we can live a new life in Jesus. As Jesus endured unbearable pain while being nailed to the cross, let us bear our sorrows with patience and hold onto life.)

12. Twelfth Station

Jesus dies on the Cross.

(Let the Sinful Man in us die on the Cross along with Jesus. Let us resolve to never sin again and avoid all temptation.)

13. Thirteenth Station

The body of Jesus is taken down from the Cross.

(Jesus, you died for our sins and purchased for us the reward of eternal life. Let us always keep that in our minds and live this life with hope.)

14. Fourteenth Station

Jesus is laid in the tomb.

(Let us look forward to the Eternal Life that Jesus has offered us by giving his own life as ransom. Let us pray to Jesus for the grace of a happy death.)



  1. Thanks for this shorter version. Its really useful for those who have busy schedules. And it is very thought-provoking too. We think of our own way of the cross all throughout this prayer. And that makes it a fruitful recollection.


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