Born in Kolkata, brought up on the tea plantations of Assam & North Bengal. Been in Goa since 2006. That’s Andrea Elaine Crizzle called ANDY by her friends.

Her story in her own words

It all started about two years ago when frwww.facebook.com/AndysKhana/iend of mine hosted a dinner party!

This friend of mine came to me to help set a menu for her as well as give her recipes to cook her guests a lavish meal . When we both realised that it was an impossible task for her to pull off I offered to cook the meal for her . I cooked starters and salad and main course dishes that was very different in flavour to what the Goan palate is used to . The meal was appreciated by all her guests.

Yellow rice and ball curry. A typical Sunday lunch in an Anglo Indian home.

That’s when Andy’s Khana was born !

That’s when she told me to start cooking and selling to people. I was afraid at first . I wondered if the kind of cuisine I cooked would be liked by people .

You see I cook mainly Anglo Indian food . Would people like my yellow rice & ball curry or my jhalfrezi & pepper water or the different way I cook my roasts ? These were very typical apprehensive feelings of a homemaker very comfortable in her own comfort zone, feeding her own family and friends with love . But, when I sounded my friends about it they gave the encouragement and a gentle push that I so very much needed.

That’s when Andy’s Khana was born with confidence !

Over the next two years I have been cooking Anglo Indian food from my home kitchen . The roasts, curries, salads & desserts are made from old cherished family recipes. Aaah ! My granny & my mom would be proud !

I’m more confident of my culinary skills now . I don’t hesitate to take on parties of 50 -70 people , I’ve even managed to pull off a party for 50 people on a days notice. I do all the cooking myself and am methodical in my planning and execution of my menu. My husband helps me a lot with all the running around for acquiring the freshest ingredients for me. We have two beautiful daughters who are my chief tasters and my biggest critics !

I supply snacks to a prestigious school in the Miramar area.

I also take my car out some evenings and sell my signature pork curry in poie or spare ribs tossed in bbq sauce with a side of egg & potato salad with a poie .

I would like to own a food truck or maybe a small cafe. So I’m working hard to acquire either of the two.

Snake groud stuffed with mince

My day starts from 5am everyday. Other than catering from home ,I see to my daughter’s requirements , their needs . Making sure all the while that everything’s organised on the home front. No easy task I tell you !

Garlic and Basil in olive oil. Can be used as salad or as a marinade

The last thing I do before going to bed is to thank God for a beautiful day & to give me the strength & courage to face the next .

Watermelon rocket and feta salad

I’ve realised that if you want something , you have to work really hard to get it.

Facebook page https://mobile.facebook.com/AndysKhana/

You have one life …. make the most of it !


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