Audio Review ….. ‘OMOR MOGACHI KANNI’ ….. by J.P. Pereira. Bab Peter and Ophelia regaled the tiatr audience during the 70’s and 80’s. The two fell in love, got married and continued performing on stage. The pretty Ophelia was one of the most sought after actor and was great in tragic roles. She was good in negative roles too and performed in the two classics of Konkani cinema, ‘Amchem Noxib’ and ‘Nirmonn’.

Peter was a thorough gentleman. Tall, handsome, stylish (never missed his muffler) and blessed with a voice that would enthrall his fans. The two released many songs on records and cassette and every song was a treat. Peter was true in his love for Goa and Goans. Many of his songs had Goan interests in mind although he was based in Bombay and Bahrain. Remember his ‘Ram Balram’ where he thrashed Hindi film makers for depicting Goans in a poor light. Tatum also known as Babli, is their daughter. She too sang with the parents as a child and teenager. This audio disc is her tribute to her late parents and features songs composed by Bab Peter, some previously unreleased and one beautiful tribute to a mother, composed by Babli.

Featuring many new singers and backing from a big band, the album is very enjoyable. The disc opens with ‘Omor Mogachi Kanni’, the title song. A beautiful tribute, to the parents, their love for each other, their daughter and the Konkani stage. Lovingly sung by Babli, this one is a winner. The ‘Bab Peter Medley’ has Melroy-Merrick –Joel rendering well known songs including ‘Mog Boom Boom’ from Bab Peter, backed by the late Chris Perry. ‘Apron’ by Babli with Merrick is about crazy fashions and ‘Fulwali Nistewali’ is a love triangle of a two timing guy and features Jennifer-Samantha-Joel. ‘Dolleanchi Vatt’ is of love in the family. Previously released by Ophelia-Peter with Babli, this one has Babli, her husband Sameer and daughter Nia effortlessly singing this beautiful track. It is good to hear Sameer singing in Konkani and Nia has a beautiful voice. Marisa and Aaron sing ‘Calendar’, Constancio tells about a major sickness prevalent in Goa on ‘Vhoddlem Duens’ and ‘Khuris Moddlo’ by Babli is about Holy Crosses that are demolished. This continues even today, unfortunately! ‘Bodyguard’ has Vanessa with Constancio and Melroy telling of a young boy, his older sister and a school teacher. ‘Maim’ composed and sung by Babli is a tribute to her mother who was always there for her. ‘Sangonk Zata Zobor’ has humour and was composed by Bab Peter in his early days on stage. Featuring a jazzy background of brass instruments, the song is rendered well by Melroy. The final track ‘Soda Lau’another humorous trio from Babli-Merrick-Melroy tells of a father and son falling in love with the same girl. The music from the big band is great. Arranged by the great Ronnie Monsorate on keyboards, good use is made of the violin, the brass instruments and the piano. One track features fillers on the trombone, a rarity. The other musicians include the Monsorate brothers Joseph and Bosco (trumpets), Blasco (trombone), Shyam Raj (saxophone/flute), Jitendra H Thakur (great on violin), Tushar Parte (guitar), Sujay Dey (bass ) and Cassy Lobo (drums). The album recorded at Sounds Good Studio, Mumbai is a treat and a must for your collection. Go for it!


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