Tiatr Review….. ‘KHURIS MODDLO…. BHAVARTH THODDLO ???’ … by J.P. Pereira.

Elvis –Carmen have always been known for good scripts and stories with a \ndifference. Their latest tiatr ‘Khuris Moddlo….Bhavarth Thoddlo???’ is a hard hitting tale, highlighting desecration of Holy Crosses.

But there is a pertinent question in the title! The play is a total entertainer with a wonderful message on communal harmony.

The curtain opens on a family and friends praying near the Holy Cross, in their ward. It is Varun’s birthday. Varun is an orphan, born to hindu parents who had died in a tragic car accident. He was adopted by Muriel and brought up along with her own son, Sammy.

The party at home is graced by the local politician who promises all support to this family which has always voted for him. Varun loves Rhea. So does Sammy. Out of gratefulness, for the family that had taken him in, Varun stands aside. Sammy weds Rhea and all is well.

Muriel has a kidney problem. The family has no money for the transplant. Simultaneously Holy Crosses are being desecrated. Pressure comes on the politician and he needs an scape goat. Watch what happens later in this tale of love, sacrifice and the evil that some politicians do and destroy the communal harmony that exists in our beautiful Goa. The climax makes a very strong point of forgiveness.

The story, the top notch script and sleek direction are the highlights of the play. Add to this the acting, songs and the comedy. Makes for a great entertainer! Carmine is Muriel. A beautiful act of the loving and very decisive mother.

Analie emotes well as the young wife who has her own principles. Prakash Marathe, the new talented actor on the Konkani stage, does his role in style as Varun. Welcome to the Konkani stage Prakash. Nevil is Sammy, the other son. Fine acting throughout. Elvis is superb as the soft speaking wily and scheming minister. Great!!! Mariano acts well as the Priest and Rocky makes a tough police oficer. The comedy is a laugh riot. Saby and Riston along with Jolrisha have the audience in splits with some well timed humour

Dominic (trumpet), Simon, Martinho (saxophones), Glen (drums) Eviton (keyboard) and Rahul (great on bass) provide good music. Analie renders the opening song. There are other good songs from Jolrisha, Analie, Xavier Gomes, Marcus Vaz and Mariano.

A solo from Riston packs humour and duets from Carmen-Elvis, Analie-Nevil as well as a trio from Xavier-Elvis-Marcus are enjoyable. This is a must watch. Highly recommended!


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