Your Personalised Dojo in Goa!
ROCKYS KARATE dojo has an area of approx. 900sqft with International standards equipment, personal lockers, mirror panels and Tatami mats. Our dojo is on the Kadamba plateau stretch opposite Sai Temple / Mercedes Showroom.

Can you tell us about your Dojo plans?
It is my serious endeavor for the safety and fitness of our society and our focus is to accomplish this through regular martial arts training, exercise, fitness, self-discipline, respect and positive thinking. At ROCKYS KARATE we would like to spread the word of FITNESS and hence our tag line is THINK FITNESS! THINK KARATE. ROCKYS KARATE welcomes all those who wish to join our karate classes, keen on fitness and all karatekas to use their talent and the internationals standards resources that’s available in our dojo. This dojo is non-profit making

What encouraged you to set up a Dojo in Goa?

Although I was born and brought up in Bombay but with roots from Raia Ambora, Salcette Goa where most of the family name QUADROS comes from, I always wanted to do something special for Goa. I started karate late but it was always my dream to learn and practise karate from a very young age though facilities for karate was not easily available.

My main reason to start this dojo is to spread karate mainly amongst women, children and to all those who would like to be physically fit. Karate teaches you discipline and makes both sides of your brain work. I want to reach out to every single person, be it a child, adult, women or senior citizens. Due to the ongoing threat to girls and women on streets I would like to encourage them to join karate and learn some self defense techniques as no one knows when it comes in use.

Goa is progressively becoming a venue for all type of sports and I would like to create an opportunity karatekas and build up their careers in the field of karate.

“What is the benefit of Karate?”
You combat diabetes and obesity in children, teens and adults. When you train martial arts you defeat these killers! Channelize energy in the right direction, improve concentration & reflex, build self – confidence, make your child goal oriented, Improve physical fitness, develop a disciplined and healthy way of life.

Who can join karate?”
Most people who begin training with us have never done any martial arts before. No experience is required nor is it necessary to have a particular level of strength, flexibility or fitness. If you are looking to get stronger, more flexible or to improve your fitness, we believe it’s our job to help. All age groups are welcome.

Do you plan anything else besides karate at your venue?
As of now since we have excellent facilities at our venue I am more than happy and open to any suggestions that promotes wellness and fitness. I would like to reach out to Yoga and Zumba classes in the near future.

Can you hold seminars/talks at your venue?
We can hold small groups of say 25-30 group size meeting and talks in a very informal way due to the design and size of our dojo.

“So how do I get more information about joining karate classes?”
You can connect with us by either call / whatsapp on 8600010948 or our FACEBOOK: and website: simply drop us a line at We’re a friendly group of people and we’ll make you feel welcome, so please don’t hesitate to call us.


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