Tiatr Review…. ‘FIGHT FOR RIGHT’ ….. by J.P. Pereira.

This is a winner all the way. The new non stop show from Comedian Agostinho is one enjoyable drama that educates and entertains. A frank and hard hitting look at the politics and social issues that are prevalent in Goa today!

Ruth Mendonca is a surgeon with her own hospital. The doctor has the help of a cop PI Judas and Advocate Kapil to carry on her illegal sale of human organs and ICU therapy. Myra is the doctor’s only daughter. She is a problem, because she is kind and tries to correct the mother.

Dennis and Noel are the tough unemployed youth, Charlie is the patient whose kidney has been removed by the rich doctor and Portugal is the guy who tries to infuse some sense and wisdom into these characters.

Godrej and her husband Toothpick are the bickering couple. And among all these is a mad man who has the brains of a philosopher. The narration of the play revolves around these characters to wind up with an explosive climax that has plenty to tell the Goans, about preserving their motherland.

From the opening act where eve teasers are harassing a girl to the climax, this is one package of good entertainment. The various illegal activities are highlighted. Many surprises are in store.

A great script with some slick direction and nice ‘cantos’ makes this non stop show great entertainment. Annie Quadros plays the flamboyant doctor, Ruth Mendonca in style. Cia Fernandes is the elegant and pretty daughter, Myra.

A fine sense of dressing and a well enacted role. Janet is Godrej, the wife who loves her husband but is always finding fault. Very amusing! Filipe and Willie act well as the unemployed youth while Bennie de Aldona is the patient fighting for his kidney. Pradeep Naik makes a great conniving lawyer, soft spoken but crooked and Jaju is aptly cast as the corrupt PI Judas, indecisive and open to bribes. Agostinho is great as Portugal, always present with his advice or sarcasm and Selvy is Toothpick, doing his bit to keep the audience in a great mood. The pick however is Pascoal in a role that he lives. He is the mad philosopher, has the best dialogues and also adds to the humour, claiming the various professions he is into. Superb acting!

The fine band led by Jack Rebello on drums has Aiden with Glen on trumpet and Minglu on the saxophone. Ashley plays the keyboard lending a fine background while Casmiro plays the bass. The opening song from Annie-Benny-Janet introduces the gist of the play while the final song is a humorous entertainer. Don’t miss this show.

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