​Tiatr Review…..     ‘ XIKLOLOI CHUKTA’   ….. by J.P. Pereira.

Marques Pereira has released his new tiatr, ‘Xikloloi Chukta’.  After the inaugural show at Vailankanni in Chennai, he is now all set to entertain the audience in Goa.  

The play opens with a God fearing couple who are worried about their son, who seems to be wayward.  Frank tells Cia,  that she should keep an eye on the behavior of their son.  They get a call from the family doctor,  informing that this son has met with an accident.  They rush to the hospital, the son is serious and the doctor tells them a way to save their son.  

Cut to the next act.  Rodney and Alria appear to be a happy couple, with a daughter.  However, the husband has health problems and the wife has affairs.  Alria gets pregnant, the husband cannot believe this and  two men claim to be the father.  Watch what happens later, on stage, to see the outcome as Alria gives her reasons but she has to pay for her sin. 

The play has a different story, but the message is clear.  The comedy has its moments and the songs are good.  The cast has Liby Mendonsa as Cia and Marques Pereira as her husband, Frank.  Both display good emotion.  Sonia Travasso and Peter de Maina are  cast well as the other couple.  Lucia is their precocious daughter.  Andrew Fernandes is the smart well dressed lover, who inspite of being married, gets seduced.  Eleuterio is impressive as the doctor.  Maria,  Agnelo, John de Cacora and Jack de Colva provide the laughter.  Watch out for the act where Martha, in a small but important role, comes looking for her husband and meets Jack and Maria.  The audience was in splits.

Piety leads a band with some new comers and does a good job with the music.  Mariano plays the saxophone.  Newcomers Alistair Pereira on drums, Ashley Telles,  great on bass and Velington d’ Souza on keyboard provide good backing for the songs.  

Marques sings the opening song.  Good lyrics and rendered well. There is a variety of good songs from Martha, Sharon, Maria, Liby,  AM Pacheco,  Victor Cunha, Marques and others.  The young talented Nasciro Dias, is a treat to hear.  Hope to see more of you young fellow.  A solo each from Rodson and Sunny Dias stand out and so does a trio from  Sharon-Andrew-Pacheco.  Give the new directors a chance.  Watch this show.


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