​Stop harassing us : Mopa Vimantal Pidit Xetkari Samiti

Mopa farmers allege minister Babu forcibly took signature of Mopa farmers on land transfer documents . “We hereby denounce that the government has crossed all boundaries  of democracy by  forcefully entering the entire land which is presently under dispute at the NGT and the Supreme Court of India. Also the government has displayed its unethical actions by publishing a fraudulent report in a local newspaper stating that the locals were creating obstacles in carrying out work at the site , the land which is currently under dispute” said Sandeep Kambli , Secretary-MVPXS.

A notice was isssued based on the said newspaper report to Mr.Sandeep Kambli and Mr. Hanuman Aroskar under section 149 of the CRPC accusing them of “BREACH OF PEACE” and directing them to stay out of the business of the airport officals. The grounds on which this notice was issued still remains unexplained. Also over 150 policemen has been deployed in the area to create panic amoung the locals who try to oppose this in a peaceful manner. The sharp tactics of the Home Ministry are made very clear from this.

Some political heavy weights including a minister in the Parrikar led 2017 government rode to power on the promise to save the land chosen to build the Mopa airport , have also remained silent recently fancied by a chair in the state ministry.

There  is an age limit for any cadre of work under the republic of India , but no age limit has been defined for politicians who plan to rule and grow by seizing the assets of the comman man. alleged Sandeep Kambi.

“This government is not here for the people but here to destroy and finish the poor sections of society” said Fr. Eremeto Rebello, Convenor-Goans for Dabolim.

The recently held soil testing has given a clear indication that there are game-plans to begin extraction of Bauxite ore from the plateau , a considerable part of which is agricultural land for which the locals are awaiting irrigation facilities.

The locals and those in the opposition of the Mopa project demand that until the appeals filed with respect to the acquisition procedure of Mopa land have been cleared , the government refrain from terrorizing the locals and theatening them in the name of democracy. Said Sandeep Kambli .


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