​Tiatr and Music Personality   …..  JACK REBELLO ….. by J.P. Pereira.

When one sees and hears Jack,  lovingly playing the drums for  various tiatr, his gentle but perfect drumming  reveals  the talent this man has. A  career that has spanned nearly 40 years of performing in various bands, for so many  ‘tiatr’  and also the job of managing the ticket counter at the Ravindra Bhavan in Margao.

Jack’s father, Joao Santana Rebello,  was known as ‘Mastor’.  He used to organize shows of dramas in the villages,  with pandal and space for parking vehicles. His mother Faustina was a housewife.  

The musical genes came from the paternal uncles  one of whom,  Luis Enrique Rebello,   played the double bass  for the erstwhile top orchestra, Luis and his Melodians.  Hailing from Benaulim, the birthplace of many musicians and ‘tiatrist’ Jack,  began playing drums for his uncle at the age of 14, when he was in the IXth standard.  

Soon he was called to play for tiatr directors like M. Boyer and Menino de Bandar for the nonstop show, ‘Succorina’.  He was part of the group when the 200 shows were completed.  In 1986, when Saby and the Wings  began their sojourn in Delhi at ‘ ISFAHAN’,  the Coffee Shop of  The Taj Palace, New Delhi,  his musical career took a leap forward.  They played at the coffee shop the entire week and on Mondays, which was their weekly holiday, they played for private functions for  business magnates.  At times the rich businessmen would hire them on Sundays,  with special permission from  the hotel for the use of the band.  Saby and the Wings were a sensation in the eighties, and this talented drummer was an important member of the band.  After performing there for 8 years,  he substituted as drummer for the ‘Black Slades’, another Goan band that performed in Delhi.  On his return to Goa, he formed ‘BLISS’ his own band.  He has even played for ‘INDIA’ one of the topmost bands in Goa.  The untimely death of his brother,  Luis Rebello,  also made him return as he found it difficult to manage the ticket counter at Ravindra Bhavan.      

Jack plays for the international Indian Indi-pop band named ‘EKA’ from Delhi.  This band plays hindi pop for  high end parties and wedding receptions in Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Sri Lanka, Dubai and Singapore, beside other places.  They  have  also played for a four day conference of The South Asia Doctors, attended by 1000 delegates,  in Singapore.  Due to his busy schedule with the tiatr in Goa, he is  flown to the venue, performs there, and returns.  The drum set as required is provided by the organizers.  Jack has also played with Norman Cardozo, for live shows of Goa’s favourite, Lorna.  He has backed various Konkani audio albums with the late Josinho, the late Agnelo Dias and Joaquim d’Souza.                                                                                                  

A regular in the tiatr circle, Jack has played for various directors. These include the late M. Boyer who would always call him ‘dotor’, the late C. Alvares, the late Bab Peter, the late H. Britton, and the Mendes Brothers.  He has no complaints but one thing that irks him is when singers try to find fault with the performance of musicians.  At times even if the singer is at fault, they try to pass the blame on the musician by reacting from the stage.  The audience sees the singer and feels the musicians have made a mistake.  He has a high regard for Lawry Travasso, who he says always covers up and never reacts to errors.  He also feels that the winners of the singing competitions should make inroads onto the Konkani stage as they  render  ‘kantaram’  which are part of the ‘tiatr’.                                                                                                                                   

Jack admits, his talent is a gift from God.  Without formal training, he has picked this art by perseverance, regular practice  and listening.  Today he is in demand and plays for top shows.  God has made it possible.  From top  drummer  in dance bands to  drumming for the tiatr and also managing a ticket counter, there are no issues or ego problems. He loves his drums and he loves the ‘tiatr’.  At present he plays for Comedian Agostinho.  Two Konkani tiatr have completed 200 shows in a single run.  ‘Sucorrina’ and Agostinho’s ‘Police’.  Jack has played for all the 400 shows.  That is the achievement  of  Joaquim Lourenco Rebello, a down to earth and simple guy,  popularly known  as Jack Rebello in the drama and music circle.


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