Domestic violence tourism: This Punjabi couple travelled all the way to Florida to ‘help’ their son abuse his wife!

Not only did 33-year-old repeatedly abuse his wife, but his parents even travelled all the way from Punjab to ‘help him discipline his wife’.

Domestic violence is a serious problem in India, and according to the National Crime Record Bureau in 2012 over 8233 dowry death cases were reported in India. Yet, this case of domestic violence that involves an Indian family from Punjab in Florida seems to have crossed all boundaries. 

Not only did an Indian man repeatedly abuse his wife, but his parents even travelled all the way from Punjab to ‘help him discipline his wife’, reported The Tampa Bay Times. 

According to Hillsborough county sheriff’s office, a 33-year-old Devbir Kalsi used to regular beat his wife Silky Gaind for being ‘disobedient’, and at his behest, his father Jasbir and mother Bhupinder, travelled from India to help perpetuate the abuse.

On Friday, after an argument, Kalsi hit Gaind repeatedly and when she tried to defend herself, his parents also hit her, and the father Jasbir also held a knife to her throat!

It was only when Gaind called her parents in India that brought the abuse to the police’s notice, and told the cops that Gaind might not be able to report the abuse because of ‘cultural traditions’. The cops had to force themselves in only to find Gaind terribly battered, and when the police arrested Kalsi, his parents tried to confront the cops.

Officers had to force their way in, as Kalsi tried to block the door. When the deputy sheriff tried to arrest Kalsi, his parents confronted the police. Gaind was found badly bruised and beaten, and investigations indicate that she had suffered abuse for a long time. Gaind and her child were taken to safe place and the Florida Abuse Hotline and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement were notified since all the parties are Indian nationals.

Kalsi has been charged with false imprisonment, felony battery, child abuse and denying access to 911 and his father Jasbir was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment while his mother also faces charges of battery, domestic violence and failure to report child abuse


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