MBMC polls: Dance bar girls in Mira Bhayandar forced to have sex with clients for Rs 500 per customer

A sting operation conducted by over the last one week has revealed that over 15 illegal dance bars and ladies bars in Kashimira and Mira-Bhayandar are forcing their “girls” to service clients and customers and provide them sexual services for as little as Rs 500 per customer.‘s reporter DANNY FERNANDES from Bhayandar East posed as a customer and approached 8 dance bars in Kashimira and Mira-Bhayandar over the last 5 days.

While it is a known fact that dance bar girls do double up as sex workers, they normally charge Rs 5000 to Rs 15,000 per person to provide sexual favours even to regular customers. However, since the MBMC elections have been announced, bar girls are forced to service even up to 10 customers each day for as little as Rs 500 per customer, it is learnt.

Several dance bar girls have complained to us through anonymous sources or via third party sources, after our series of articles against the dance bars in the region. Many girls do not want to work as prostitutes and are being forced, against their wishes to provide sexual favours to clients, said Flynn Remedios, Editor – Investigations of, adding that some girls come from poor families and are uneducated and work in dance bars only to earn money to support their families and siblings. Some of these girls are not interested in prostitution but are being forced into the trade by the dance bar owners who keep about 80 to 90 per cent of their earnings, said Remedios.

According to Manisha (name changed) a dancer who works at a very popular albeit illegal bar at Bhayandar East, the managers have told us that the bar owners had to pay Rs 10-25 lakh per bar to a very prominent Mira-Bhayandar BJP MLA as election expenses. In order to recover this amount, we are being forced to have sex with customers for as little as Rs 500 per customer,” Manisha told Manisha said she knows of at least 20 girls working in bars in Mira-Bhayandar who do not want to work as sex workers but are forced by the owners against their wishes.

The girls cannot complain or go to the police as the trade is their only source of livelihood. Unfortunately, for every one girl who refuses to entertain clients for sex, there are 50 other girls ready to work for even half the rate. The uneducated and helpless bar girls who hail from Kolkata, West Bengal. Uttaranchal and Agra have no option but to do the bidding of the bar owners, Manisha tells us.

The police are hand-in-glove with the bar owners who pay the police Rs 2000 to Rs 5000 per day per bar, says Manisha, telling us how a constable comes everyday on a motorbike to collect the fixed, pre-agreed hafta. 

“During election days, the bar owner keeps Rs 3000 per customer, Manisha complained, explaining that she was not willing to have sex with clients. “I came here only to work as a dancer. I was told that I would earn about Rs 50,000 per month only working as a dancer. Now I am being forced to work as a sex worker catering to about 10 clients every day. The bar manager pays me Rs 5000 per day for 10 customers and keep a commission of Rs 1000 for himself. The owners keep Rs 3000 per customer while the pimps or auto drivers (who bring in the customers) are paid Rs 300 to Rs 500 per customer,” Manisha explained.

Bars like Hotel Anna Palace, Dhadkan , Big Boss , C-Magic, Viceroy, Deepa (Pyasa Bar) at Bhayandar East are notorious for this activity, revealed Manisha.

As reported earlier, over 7-8 hoteliers who are also owners of dance bars and liquor vends in Mira Road, Bhayandar and Uttan – many of them either partly illegal and some of them completely illegal, have been handed out tickets by BJP MLA Narendra Mehta claim sources, who also allege that these hoteliers were asked to cough up anywhere between Rs 30 lakh to Rs 50 lakh per ticket. 

Every dance bar or ladies bar in the area has been asked to contribute a minimum of Rs 10 lakh by the party towards election expenses.

Opposition candidates claim that Narendra Mehta adopted a “buy and sell” policy with the bar owners offering tickets and candidature for a starting price of Rs 30 lakh. In some cases the price of a BJP ticket was Rs 50 lakh, as alleged by former 4-time BJP corporator Pramod Sawant (who has now joined the Shiv Sena) and in one particular case as the local gossip goes corporator candidate.

It is a known fact in the area as to which candidates own dance bars, restaurants and bars, or even wine shops.

Prominent among the Bar Owners and Dance Bar owners who are now contesting the MBMC polls on a BJP ticket are Ganesh Shetty, owner of Anna Palace who is contesting from Ward No 3, Hotelier and Bar owner Arvind Shetty who originally lives at Goregaon but has several bars, restaurants and dance bars like Spring, Swagat, Sai Sanidhi, etc., in the Kashimira and Uttan Chowk area and Yashwant Kaangne, owner of an illegal bar in Bhayandar (his wife Mina Yashwant Kangane is contesting on a BJP ticket).

At least 5 more BJP corporator candidates in Mira-Bhayandar are related or connected to the dance bars in the area, either as a sleeping partner or financier or own the real estate which houses the bars.



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