Exceeding your expectations

Shalaka Realtors is developing  projects that have become homes to many. With great attention to detail in design, quality and amenities we have been exceeding the expectations of our buyers all the time.

Shalaka Realtors is a name to reckon with in the much competitive real estate field in Goa. Since its existence it has carved out a distinct identity for itself in this challenging arena despite stiff competition. 

Shalaka Realtors has climbed the ladder of success slowly but steadily due to its unflinching adherence to quality and commitment.

Shalaka Realtors has put to use its vast experience and expertise to good use to come up with prestigious project at Marcel which stands testimony to our reputation as quality builders. . Quality is the mantra that guides us in our endeavor to come up with projects of caliber and elegance. 

Customer satisfaction is high on the list of our agenda and we make concerted efforts to uphold the quality of our projects. In fact our commitment to quality and timely delivery brings our customers back to us time and again.

What sets us apart from the rest is that we stand by the promise we give to our customers without compromising on the quality, come what may. Ultimately we believe that customers should get his money’s worth and we have strived hard to carve out a niche for ourselves by the dint of our hard work and dedication.

We would like to expand further by upholding the same ideals that catapulted us to the position of eminence in the real estate business in Candola.

Under construction flats at Candola Marcel

Single Bedroom  68.5 m2 

Double bedroom 93 m2




The Home Of Your Dreams

It’s a dream you carefully nurture. And as time passes, it gets more and more vivid. Once you realize that you can’t wait anymore, you decide to have it; a home of your own. But, then it’s no cakewalk to find a home of your dreams. Neither you can settle down for anything less. After all, it’s all about the realization of a long cherished dream, a material extension of your fine taste. At Shalaka  what makes us different is our ability to create living spaces that match with your tast and personality. 

Ideal Setting For An Ideal Home

As you stand over the balcony with a steaming cup of coffee, you realize that ther’s more to life than the rat race. The undulating stretch of lush greenery that unfolds right in front of your eyes bring to you a fresh new perspective. You think of halcyon days when you have had time to appreciate the sun reflected in a dew drop, or the sheer dazzle of a swaying flower.  At Shalaka this is just one of the typical ways to start your day. Nestled amidst a verdant expanse in the heart of village , the most sought after residential location in Marcel, Shalaka  offers you a charming life. Here you can experience the rustic charm of a sylvan surrounding while enjoying all the comforts city life doles out. Thus you have educational institutions, places of worship, hospitals,; in short just about anything you need to lead a comfortable life. After all, isn’t a great locale just one of the pre-requisits of a great home?

Quality Living-spaces, Quality Moments

Meticulous planning at each stage has made Shalaka a visual treat and a comfortable apartment complex. From the  spacious entrance  to cross ventilated rooms, what stands predominantly is our commitment to create quality living spaces. Exquisitely designed rooms and tastefully decorated common areas will give you a taste of the enriched life. Each apartment has a balcony that opens upto a panoramic view of the scenic surroundings. While ensuring the joys of a close-knit community, we have made sure that you enjoy your private moments unperturbed within the four walls of your home.  At Shalaka, you can just start enjoying your life and put worries at bay forever.

Contact  for further details 

Shekhar Mandurkar 9822685588


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