Please Note this Year Handi Khuris feast is on 19 August,2017 due to 20 August is Sunday. 

Handi Khuris was built centuries ago. Many people from different parts of Goa comes to seek blessing of the Handi Khuris. People come to Pray and have litanies at this Cross by lighting candles and putting flowers.  

Many  miracles take place here. Devotees have strong faith strong faith on the Handi Khuris /cross. It is said and believed that whatever you ask and Pray with faith you will get. Childless couples were blessed with a Gift  of a child through the intercession of the cross, sick people got healed, jobless got jobs  and many were blessed.  

Devotees gather on the feast Day in a huge queue lining up the narrow road leading to the Cross to seek blessings of the “Handi Khuris.” 

The lake water is stopped by putting a sluice Gate on 20th of August every  year but this year being Sunday it is kept on Saturday 19th August 2017. As the Devotees increased, visiting the Cross a Chapel was built about 15 yrs ago. 

This Chapel looks beautiful with the surrounding  beautiful Lake, lotus flower in it, birds, coconut trees, and Paddy  Fields . A cool place makes it  attractive.

On the feast day when they close the Handi, people of all faiths come to Pray and also to give  thanks.  They start coming from 4 am in the morning till midnight with vehicles parking  them on  Maina grounds.

In St. Rita’s Church Maina Curtorim masses are held from 6:45 am . Feast mass is for the farmers. Masses continue at 8:30 am, 9:45 am, 11:00 am then 3:45 pm and 6:00 pm.

In the afternoon (at 12 noon) the Parish Priest comes, Prays and blesses the Handi and also the food which the farmers and the other people bring there when their wishes come true.   After the blessing the people are served to eat. No alcohol is allowed there.

After the kissing of the cross people go in queues through the stall where they are served with soft drinks ,cakes and other  Eatables items. In the afternoon lunch is also served by few people.  Beside the stalls, two three farmers stand with a palm leaf (chutti); if you have any intention/vow to ask; you can tell one of them. You don’t have to specify what it is but just say that you have one intention/vow (angonn). He folds the leaf once (chutti modta) that means the leaf gets a mark (one intention/vow one fold). Like this people’s intentions are marked on the leaves and all these leaves are kept in sacs (approx 3-4 sacs).

After food, all the farmers close the way for the lake water to go to the Addint fields through the middle way (modhe ponn) and the last way (chinche ponn) which is near the hut and tamarind tree. They close these two ways and then they get together near the hut on the bund and start the prayers. They take one-one marked leaf (chutti) and pray for each intention on it. Then next day onwards, morning prayers start at 8 am till 11 am and in the afternoon from 2 pm to 5 pm. This continues for 4 or 5 weeks till they finish all the palm leaves of the people’s intentions.

Handi Khuris bless all of us with your Shower’s of blessings.


Ronnie Rons D’souza 



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