When the beautician knocks…

Too hot or cold to step outside to go to salon? Have a baby at home? A very busy working woman? Are you Pregnant? Or simply too lazy to leave home? We understand that and hence for those lazy, busy moments!
Pamper yourself in the comfort of your space…  the trend of home salons is growing. 

It is my first time. Till date, I have taken up all my hair and skin grooming services in the unfamiliar rooms of salons. Now, there is a stranger waiting with hot wax and paper strips in my bedroom. What led to this? A harsh sun and a working weekend. As much as time constraint is a reason, a visit to the nearest salon would have also meant filling fuel in the car, braving the traffic, and finding a parking space. A load of things for some beauty? Probably not. 

A response from a client 

Opt  for the Monthly Wax and Relax package — receive an instant confirmation for an appointment at your convenience, at  your home. 

The beautician will be at your doorstep at the appointed time. You will be able to see her stirring the honey wax set on your study table, and spreading a white sheet on my bed. The strangeness of it will end when the first coat of wax is applied; it’s the same pain. Except, you can hear your  mom talking to the neighbour, or your child crawling around  and can see a younger you  smiling from an old frame. Over the treatment, you will learn that Helosie has an experience of many  years, and had her own salon at Calangute  before giving it up to take care of her family. She decided to continue from home a few months ago, and goes around her neighbourhood and does at least three services a day.

She has been trained and provides services and products which are standardised. 

She comes as a step towards providing on-demand beauty services for the customers, and self  empowerment. 

As we move towards a time-poor world, where women shoulder as many responsibilities at the workplace as at home, the whole concept of a salon where you have to wait for ages before you can get your turn, is obsolete. The new economy is about convenience and quality.

“I could neither leave my kid and go to a salon nor find someone who provides quality and hygienic services at home”. This is the common cry heard by many of our young ladies. 

Get the service done in the comfort of your home

Save on fuel and time
Get an appointment 
No waiting time
No services for men

Helosie uses only branded and genuine products because you deserve the best!
Eyebrows- 50 

Uplip -30                                           

Chin -30                          

Forehead -40                                     

Side -60                                              

Neck -60                                             

Full face-250                                                                                                     


Full legs  – 280/400                          

Half legs – 200/300                          

Hands – 300/350                               

Under arms – 100/150                     

Bikini/Line – 400/1000                    

Face – 250/300                                 

Fullbody  – 1500/2000                                                                                


Head massage – 300                        

Pedicure – 500                                 

Menicure – 350                                 Cut/file/change polish – 250            

Foot massage – 350                          

Facial – 500 onwards                        

Body scrub – 800 onwards              

Bleach – 200                                                       

Root touch up – 500 onwards         

Hair spa – 450 onwards                  

Henna – 300 onwards                     

Eyebrow tints – 200                         

Hair ironing – 500 onwards             

Back scrub – 350

Mapusa, Calangute, Parra, Canca and surrounding areas. 

Contact Helosie on 7030403440



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