Celebrating the richness of Goa at Socorro

Socorro Socio-Art and Cultural Association, Porvorim is behind the challenge to preserve the tradition and culture of Goa. And the brain behind this concept is Marius Fernandes. 

It’s the 5th anniversary of the Patoienchem Fest in Socorro on 15th August. This year’s theme is the Ghumott

Goa’s drums Ghumott-Madiem

Once very popular in rural Goa, these drums are played very rarely nowadays. In North Goa (Bardez) these are played on the occasion of the feast of St John on June 24 every year, or as accompaniment for the rustic songs during Goa’s native folk theatre – the Zagor.

Ex  member secretary of Kala Academy Mr Pandurang Phaldessai  will talk about the origins and future of the Ghumott.

It’s a festival with no chief guest,  no alcohol,  no prizes,  no competition but the idea is about participation,, bonding and sharing skills. 

This is a first Crowd Funded Fest with the villagers  gifting coconuts, rice, fish etc and cooked by locals. The cultural programme is by the villagers and in Konkani only. It’s low cost,  eco  friendly multicultural event. The festival is free with snacks like pattoies, puddes chonne, music, entertainment and Goenchem Jevonn all free of charge.

Come August 15 and the village of Socorro will be celebrating six festivals in one mega event, the fifth edition of ‘Pattoleanchem Fest’. The occasion will be marked with the celebration of the 

  • Feast of Our Lady of Assumption, 
  • Independence Day, 
  • Pattoleanchem Fest, 
  • World Goa Day, 
  • Konkani Day and 
  • Ghumtachem Fest with tasty Goenchem jevonn

Soccorro Socio-Art and Cultural Association, Porvorim will be celebrating its 5th annual Pattoleanchem Fest. Holy Mass and the procession of Our Lady of Assumption accompanied by a brass band will take place at 9am. 

The festivities will take place at the Socorro Church grounds.

    • The Independence Day programme will be at 10:30am  
    • Pattoleanchem Fest will commence at 11am. 
    • World Goa Day will be celebrated at 11:30am 
    • Konkani Day at 12pm and 
    • Ghumtachem Fest at 12:30pm. 

    The festivities will conclude with delicious Goenchem Jevonn at 1pm.

    An umbrella dance will be performed by the students of Our Lady of Socorro School for Independence Day. 

    Seven groups from the village, comprising people of different religions, will be performing traditional dances including Kunbi dance, mandos, skits and singing of songs composed by Vera Pereira. 

    Alexyz will share his experience on World Goa Day, Tomazinho Cardozo will speak on the 25th anniversary of the inclusion of Konkani in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution of India as per the Seventy-First Amendment on August 20, 1992 and Miguel Braganza will speak about the history of Konkani.

    The lunch buffet will comprise Goan dishes while sweets will include sanna, pudde, pattoleo and vonn.

    “We will be organising the first Ghumott Association of India on this occasion and the largest ghumott in the world will be unveiled along with the world’s largest mandallam. It is created by an artist from Bhatpal, Canacona. We will be having the world’s largest ghumott circle as we are anticipating the attendance of at least 100 ghumott players,” says Marius Fernandes, the man behind the festival. 

    The Ghumtacho Nazz, will be even louder as ghumotts will be for sale at the venue in three different sizes. Carlos Gonsalves will be spearheading the ghumott movement with a special outfit designed by Verma D’Mello for the occasion.

    “The ghumott is an ancient Goan instrument that we all should be proud of and incorporate in all our celebrations, locally and abroad. This amazing instrument has just about survived more than 500 years of suppression due to colonial rulers as well as environmental laws protecting the monitor lizard, whose underbelly membrane was traditionally used to make the instrument. This instrument sums up Goa’s religious and cultural harmony as it is the only instrument that is used in traditional Catholic and Hindu ceremonies. Today, it looks like this instrument is making a comeback with people using alternative membranes on modern versions of the ghumott,” says Ashley Fernandes, who has worked on a project based on the ghumott.

    Activities for the day will also include live demonstrations of various traditional occupations like bamboo craft by Premanad Satardekar, who is travelling especially for the festival. Vamona Navelkar is also invited.

    Renowned cartoonist Alexyz has been promoting World Goa Day for the past 30 years. Alexyz will be speaking about World Goa Day as he has travelled to different countries and met many members of the Goan diaspora. “I have noticed that Goans are not really united. There is a lot of discrimination, which doesn’t show on the surface level. When an event is organised, there are people who will refrain from coming because they don’t get along with the organiser. On this World Goa Day, I hope Goans can unite as one. Also, we have to take the ghumott to another level as an indigenous musical instrument. I have painted one ghumott for the event and I hope the ghumott travels the globe to Goans worldwide,” concludes Alexyz.

    ‘Pattoleanchem Fest’ will be organised by the Soccorro Socio-Art and Cultural Association, Porvorim on August 15, 2017 from 9am onwards at the Socorro Church grounds


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