The battle lines have been drawn and the date for the upcoming by-Elections in Panaji and Valpoi are scheduled on 23rd August. It’s an issue of Power and Prestige in Panjim. 

Will Lotus Bloom once again or will it be Hand after many years?

Panaji elections are keenly and closely watched by all sections of the society across Goa as it’s not only another by-election but it’s the battle for supremacy infact Parrikar’s 25+ active years of rule in politics is at stake. The results will have drastic effect if the pendulum swings in favor of Congress. 

The unelected CM of Goa Mr. Parrikar is pitted against a lesser known candidate of Congress Party called Girish Chodankar. Parrikar is having an upper hand as he has been representing the constituency for the past  many years although his performance has been dismissal and people are fed-up with his false promises and U-Turns on a number of issues yet he has been wining coz he is having a good hold on his community and this will be a major factor in the coming elections too. 

Goan politicians are known to take their voters for a ride and Parrikar is not an exception, Parrikar had started of his innings as a no nonsense guy, a clean and upright person being an IITIAN people were excepting better results from him but he failed on all fronts. He was very vocal against the casinos while in opposition but once he came to power rather then removing them  he just turned a Nelson eye against them. 

Parrikar blames everyone leaving himself. He attributes the Congress for all the scams in Goa. It was really good to see him file a case against Mauvin Godinho for power scam and against Pandurang Madkaikar because they were belonging to his rival party at that time but now since they have joined BJP they are clean as spotless white. 

Today the BJP is cleaner and holier than the Ganga river as anyone who has committed massive scams or who is involved in corruption wants to get rid of them just join BJP and all their sins will be wiped by Parrikar in Goa And Modi at the centre. 

Panaji has been already converted into concrete jungle and the credit is largely attributed to Parrikar and Babush Monserattee as they are virtually responsible for the flooding that takes place during the monsoons. The  CCP is nothing but a damp squib. If an qualified IITIAN can’t make Panaji a model city even after so many years then what’s the use of him being in power or electing him to power once again?  

The Congress is a divided house and no wonder BJP is taking the maximum advantage of the same but now it looks like slowly the Congress is trying to make its presence felt in Panjim and people are moving towards Congress to support their candidate in the upcoming elections against Parrikar. This move has made him nervous and just to show his strength he is moving house to house seeking  for votes. 

25+ years and still the city lacks basic amenities infact it was Mr. Parrikar who when first elected had made a promise to the people of Panjim that he will clear the St.Inez Creek.  It’s been two decades and still the cleaning is going on. Do the people of Panjim need to give him another five years to clean the creek?  

Parrikar actually got  more than what he really deserved, coz after  his rise to power he started behaving like the Roman Emperor Nero who was watching Rome while it was burning. Today it’s Parrikar who is watching Goa while it’s burning. Yes Goa and Goans are considered second class citizens in their own land. Today a Non-Goan enjoys more rights and privileges in Goa than a Goan and it’s all because of our blood sucking vampires called as politicians. 

They are responsible for this mess because people elect them to take care of the State but for the greed of money and for the lust of power they have turned Goa into Political  Prostitution where MLAs and Ministers can be bought and sold for a price just like how MALUND and his party has been bought for a price to support the current ruling govt. 

A lot of noise has been created on social media but one has to wait and see how it helps in transforming the real voters of Panjim. It will be interesting to see if the Lotus Blooms again or will it be Hand this time…

By Nixon Fernandes 

The views expressed in this article is solely of the writer. The website may not subscribe to the same


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