Craft  makers and Indian fabrics in their venture to revive Indian handicrafts and empower women with confidence. 

Project -DOOPTI was started by Cynthia Fernandes.  A platform under which these village women are being trained and later turned into skilled artisan and Doopti will became a venture to sustain and a business to continue to create livelihood and equity.

Doopti is a brand name for its range of products specially handcrafted after much hard work and quality control. Doopti  is on a mission for women to grow and become better with each year. The Range of designs are to suit the modern world. Huge effort has been made to bring the work of remote communities into the market.

 The journey of Doopti 

The journey began in 2015 when Cynthia started with a small group of artisans from Daddi a remote village in Belgaum district and with time has created own designs and capabilites.  

Today, Doopti has nearly completed 3 years of existence.  It employs artisans from the village, trains them and is in the process of making them self-reliant and empowered. 

The products it manufactures include 

  • Quilts…
  • Pet  beds…
  • Curtains … 
  • Bed spreads… 
  • Table Accessories… 
  • Floor mats..
  • laundry bags…  
  • Baby dresses… 
  • Maternity pillows  
  • Accessories
  • Furnishings,  
  • Bags, 
  • Folders  and Paper products
  • Pillow covers. 
  • Upholstery… 
  • Dining tables and chairs covers.. 
  • Cushions
  • Wedding take away goody bags
  • And anything in cotton material

Doopti depends on word of mouth. The artisans at Doopti have been supported in marketing, designing, quality finishing and developing new skills. 

The strengths of Doopti lie in its direct link with the artisans and at the same time it provides competitive pricing to them. The trained artisans take over varied materials and contemporary designs which have international appeal. 

Into its third year now, Doopti has touched the lives of scores of women, lifting them out of poverty and giving them a reason to smile. At Doopti, women receive vocational training in sewing and tailoring. 

Doopti, operates from a remote village in Belgaum  with a vision to empower under-privileged women and children. 

  • Embrace the Luxurious and Eternal 
  • Elegance of Fine Indian Craftsmanship!
  • Buy Products Made by Women Artisans. 
  • Commission a Product.
  • Spread the word. 

Let’s Give back to the Community. Won’t you join us?

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