This guy walks into a bar. He goes and sits at a table with 3 guys for a while, finally he comes over to the bartender. The bartender asks what he wants. The man says, “Are you a betting man?”

The bartender replies, “Depends.”

The man asks for an empty shot glass, and the bartender gives it to him. The man goes to one end of the long bar and sets down the shot glass. He then walks all the way down to the other end of the bar, easily 15 feet and stands there.

The man points to the shot glass, “I bet you a hundred bucks that from here I can take a piss and fill up that shot glass and not spill a single drop.”

The bartender looks at him like he is crazy. He thinks to himself, no matter how good his aim, there is no way that he can do that from that distance.

The bartender extends his hand, “Ok, bet is on!” They shake hands.

The man takes a step back. He takes a deep breath and readies himself, looking and pointing at the shot glass.

He unzips his pants AND he starts to piss, but the piss is going everywhere, on the bar, on the hanging glasses, everywhere except the shot glass. He is pissing all over the place.

The bartender starts to laugh. “You are nowhere NEAR the shot glass!”

The man says, “That is ok. I just bet those guys over there a thousand bucks I could piss all over your bar and all you would do is laugh.”


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