Mumbai: An examination of the suicide note left by former Tata Motors official Prashant Sibal has revealed that he started writing the note on Wednesday, two days before he killed himself.

Investigating officers said on Saturday that the contents of the note indicate that Sibal had carefully thought about the aftermath of his extreme step and that he left detailed instructions for his wife.

Sibal, a former general manager with Tata Motors, was terminated in April and had been at home since then. He was slipping into depression and was even being treated for it before he jumped off the 15th floor of Kalpataru Habitat, where he used to stay with his wife, son and daughter on the sixth floor, on Friday.

Investigating officers told The Hindu that the two-page suicide note, which was written in English, was dated August 2, 2017, and makes references to several aspects, including his mother’s illness, his own agony, and his unwillingness to subject his family to distress.

“My own mother suffered from this disease and I don’t want you to go through what I had to see. This is not depression; this is something that will require months of hospitalisation. I also don’t want the children to see me in that condition. I am in pain and am unable to take medicines any more. The time has come for me to move on,” the note says, before talking about his investments and insurance policy, and telling his wife who to contact regarding them.

“My goodwill with these men will ensure that you do not face any hassles. Please continue to stay in Mumbai. Do not subject the kids to the trauma of relocation. Please invest in a house. After three months, you can look for cheaper accommodation,” it says.

Inquiries also indicate that Sibal had a ‘talk’ with his daughter some days before he started writing the note. “Sibal, in his note, addresses his daughter at one point and tells her to remember their ‘talk’, be strong, and help her mother. We are finding out more about this conversation,” said an officer with the Kalachowkie police.

The suicide note ends: “Be strong, kids. Remember I was a good but a weak man.”


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