Dr. Bxy&a(name changed) — A super scammer in India.

Dr. Bxy&a is an Indian organisation of (claiming to be) hair specialists led by Mukesh Bxy&a , a homeopathy practitioner. Now just like the image above, an advertisement of Dr. Bxy&a is seen on every other Indian website. The truth is that this whole circus is a huge scam preying on worried people who have tedious hair problems, they show attractive ads of bald men gaining hair back. Hair loss is an area where little success has been achieved overall, and these idiots are giving “homeopathic” medicine for it!… can you imagine?

I have always been suspicious about these people but my suspicion turned in reality when I visited their clinic: (I have no hair problem, I simply went there to check)

I had to pay Rs. 250 (~$4) for checkup. The guy inside the cabin called me and after some form filling, he put a zooming pipe on my head. This pipe showed zoomed area of my scalp in his monitor. He marked circles on some areas and told me the story — He said that I have permanent hair loss in a small area of my head (the area I showed him). As a concerned person I asked him why and how that happened. He simply said a centuries old phrase,”It is genetic”. Now it was the time for trap. He said that although growing hair back was not possible (he saved himself here), I still have to take medication to prevent anymore hair loss (trap thrown). I simply said yes to get deeper. Then a guy from the reception called me and asked me to pay Rs. 1500 (~$24) for homeopathic treatment. This would repeat every month.

What they do: They apply some shit paste on the area of hair loss. Along with that, they give some small tablets to eat.

I simply told that guy that I was only there for the checkup. I left and unlike several other worried people, I saved myself because I knew this was all shit.

NOTE: Anybody who is reading this, save yourself and others from these regular scams. Homeopathy has no power in front of a huge problem like hair loss. Expose people like Dr. Bxy&a and notify others.

By Raj Aryan


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