Online advertising is business for the modern world. Also known as online marketing or Internet advertising, the potential for success is huge. There are many strategies to learn and, while that in itself can prove to be pretty intimidating for a lot of people, the benefits of online advertising are varied.

So, in case you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed,this article will remind you what you’re fighting for. Here are some advantages of online advertising:

Benefit 1: Online advertising Is A Long-Term Strategy.

Let’s look at the facts. Whether we’re talking about a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, most of us own a gadget of some sort. Furthermore, we’re on the Internet all of the time. What does that mean?

Well, thanks to technology, customers have never been so accessible. Online advertising can generate leads from all over the world.But crucially, over half the population of the world is under the age of 30. And technology is only going one way, so online advertising is only just starting.

Benefit 2: You’re In control With Online Advertising.

The trouble with traditional advertising strategies is that it’s often hard to justify your ROI (return-on-investment) and keep on top of what you’re spending. Flyers, brochures, banners, cold-calling… it’s all the same. It’s really hard to execute a laser-targeted campaign. By contrast, online advertising is different. Yes, it’s still possible to waste ad budget, but if you know what you’re doing, you’re greatly reduce you’re exposure.

The main reason for this is data and analytics. You can drill down into many different areas and identify which parts of a campaign are working and which aren’t.

Benefit 3: Online advertising Can Be Extremely Effective.

Regardless of whether the advertising is paid or free, the Internet can deliver a global audience to your door. Identify your USPs, refine your branding and get your copywriting in order, then you can really unlock your true potential.

The key word here is: traffic. The idea is to establish trust and use clever hooks to convince and persuade consumers to buy into you, just as much as what you’re selling.However, bear in mind that any form of paid advertisement only really rents you traffic. If your budget runs out, that traffic stops. And so, therefore, does any potential revenue.

As such, you have two possible solutions. The first is to keep on top of your advertising and constantly measure your progress. That should greatly reduce the chances of having any wasted ad spend. The other option is to work on organic online advertising strategies. By embracing SEO (search engine optimization) and content marketing, you could get quality organic results for free or on the cheap.

Benefit 4: Online Advertising Can Create A Big Fan-Base.

There’s arguably nothing as powerful as word-of-mouth marketing. It’s always been the stuff of dreams for business owners, but in days gone by, it was significantly harder to achieve. But now there’s social media, Internet forms and a whole host of ways that people can chime in and sing your praises.

Exemplary examples of customer service can now go viral. That gives you an amazing opportunity, because it means that you don’t necessarily need a massive marketing budget, a long history or a huge team to make a mark in your industry.

Benefit 5: Online Advertising Can Help You Reach A Better Kind Of Customer.

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Surely any type of customer is a good one, right? Well, yeah. Butonline advertising can help you target people who are more likely to be interested in what you’re selling. Creating a buyer persona has always been important in business, but in the age of the Internet, you can find where these people hang out and display your online advertisements directly in front of them (and them alone). Take Facebook, for instance. There are about1.79billion active Facebook users who use the platform month. You can advertise to people of a specific age, career and interests, to name just a couple targeting variables.

Marketing is the lifeblood of every business. In this digital age, increasing sales as well as revenues are tantamount to being able to successfully use available marketing technologies. There are many ways to get your marketing message across; don’t underestimate the value of online display advertising. This type sells your product or service through visually appealing text as well as graphics, animation and video.

Strategic placement of display ads is critical. Placing them on sites that are already enjoying wide patronage of your target market can make the ads relevant, personalized and timely. All these help in creating a successful advertising campaign or increasing the chance of the ads getting noticed, clicked and bought by your targets.

Are you still hesitant to use banner ads in your marketing campaign?

Here are more benefits why you need to give it a chance:

It completes your branding circle.Online display advertising does not really replace traditional methods of advertising, it completes the branding circle. The Internet with its billions of users around the world has huge potentials to open new opportunities for businesses to grow and expand. Tri-media advertising – print, TV, and radio – alone cannot reach every market anymore particularly when building brands. You need to complement tri-media with online advertising to tap the Web’s enormous market.

Avoid expensive long term contracts. Advertising can cost you big time. That is made more costly when you are forced to sign up for long term advertising when you only need short exposures i.e. political campaigns, promotion of an event, or a coming sale. Online display advertising can be as short as it is necessary. It costs less and can also give you the opportunity to control and make changes in your campaign based on the performance of the ads.

Capturing the market through remarketing/retargeting. Do you want another run to get a second or a third chance to capture a target market? Your target market may not be converted the first time they see your banner ads; that happens quite often. Display advertising through remarketing are a great way to remind them of your product/service that offers a solution to a need or problem. Maybe a second visit is necessary to convert them.

Look like a big fish and gain trust.You want your target market to trust your brand. That happens when they see you have enough going for you and that not delivering your claims can mar their brand. Being a big player carries with it the connotation of credibility and reliability, traits that are not so easily achieved in online marketing.

Benefit from “Geo-targeting. Display ads give you the control to creatively personalize your online advertisements so that you can efficiently zero in your market by geographic location. Do you deliver pizza in your location, let the local market know how by showing a banner ad with a telephone number to order.

Entice your target by knowing their interests. If you know your target demographics, you would understand their interests and what can captivate them. Use the knowledge to design your display ads to entice and grab their attention. For instance, younger targets would normally be interested in the social media and celebrity icons while young professionals would be interested in niches like health, family, and business.

Get the ads featured on relevant sites. Your knowledge of the interests of your typical customer can take you further to include the knowledge of the websites that they usually visit or content that they read. Banner ads featured alongside a relevant content increase the likelihood of getting noticed, and clicked. There is nothing more disheartening than spending on campaign ads that yield no conversion. Placing ads on the sites not visited by your target market is a futile and expensive exercise.

Use complete transparency to your advantage. Having the ability to track or getting feedback from your ads is critical. Other advertising forms can be hard to track; using display ads can let you in on a weekly even daily updates. This kind of information tells you whether your advertising/marketing effort is succeeding or you need to tweak it. Feedback reports can guide you to better strategies and more successful marketing.

Take advantage of A/B split testing.What constitutes a better strategy? Sometimes it is hard to say even when you understand your market. This is why having control in your advertising is good. You can test a strategy and change it when the feedback is not as good as you expect. While it may work like giant billboard in many ways, stripping it down to tweak it is not as hard and costly.

Enjoy lower marketing cost. Online display advertising is not at all expensive; tri-media and use of billboards typically cost more. In fact, this kind of advertising is leveling the playing field for small entrepreneurs with limited resources. With billions of Internet users, you can reach so many target users for a couple of rupees.

Online display advertising campaigns are great strategies that can improve the visibility of your product and brand. It is an efficient way that can help you adapt with the demands of the times and to evolve an effective marketing plan and strategy.


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