​Tiatr Review…. ‘ KODSSOR HANGASORLO SOITANA ’ ….. by J.P. Pereira.

A realistic portrayal of what happens in many Parishes today. ‘Kodssor Hangasorlo Soitana’ maiden tiatr from Victor D’Cunha endeavors to present a fine package of entertainment with a message.  

The curtain opens with the ending of the Holy Mass.  In the weekly announcements the Priest tells of the approval for the construction of the new Church.  As elections are round the corner he also requests the parishioners to vote with caution.  The mass ends.  But there is a group of individuals who have an axe to grind.  These men,  previously did not want reconstruction of the Church but now insist on reconstruction after the permission for the new construction is obtained. 

They are worried about parking, space for entertainment and other unnecessary issues.  So they question the Priest, decide to complaint to the higher authority and create problems.  The village is divided!   What happens later is to be watched in this true life drama as the story unfolds and recounts various fatalities that befall those who create problems without valid reasons.

These type of problems are faced in many parishes.  The announcement in the beginning tells ‘this is a work of fiction’.  The presentation is realistic, the script has plenty to tell and the actors do their parts well.  

There is Dacia and Maria as helpers in the Church.  Dolla does a double, as the  poor widow and the sick woman who pleads with her husband not to interfere with the Church decision.  Jennifer is her daughter.  Peter de Pedda, Coly Col, C.d’Silva and Andrew are the opposing gentlemen.  Joe Dicarpale is the advocate for the Church and Agnelo de Dabolim is the other advocate.  Victor makes a fine judge.  The pick is Dominic, his third major role as the Priest.  Superb in every  act and very convincing.  There is plenty of humour from Maria, Inas and Pitush.  Especialy Maria, watch her in the drunken act with Inas.

Sir Piety leads the fine band. Seby, Chris (tumpets), Jose (bass), Aniceto (drums) and Jose (keyboard) combine well. Maria-Dacia-Dolla render the opening song with some scenes of Jesus being tempted by Satan.  

There are other good solos, duets, trios and a quartet from Jennifer, Dacia, Maria, Agnelo, Joe, Andrew, Stephen, Victor, Pitush, Peter and others.  The best is a solo each,  from Jennifer, Maria and Victor.  A well presented drama, please don’t miss it


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