Meet Nigel Quadros (currently in the Middle East), who is the latest and the youngest to come onto the international Android scene. Quadros had been selected as a Media Sponsor for AnDevCon (Android Developers Conference, Boston), one of the largest international Android conference. AnDevCon held in Boston in July 2015.  The now 24 year old Divar Island resident, is the amazing and friendly Director and Editor-in-Chief of, a portal for exclusive android app reviews and gadget reviews.

In short, he is a versatile tech-savvy professional who started his Android venture as a passion on 1st July 2013 and went on a corporate level a year later after seeing the potential. There are a huge amount of people in Goa and the Middle East who refer to him as the AndroGuru and also the “Android Man of Goa“. 

In his early years, he was a Tech Columnist for ‘The Goan on Saturday‘, which is a top weekly newspaper published every Saturday at Panjim, Goa (India) and circulated in the Emirates too. Quadros was also the Tech Columnist for Herald Publications. 

Android has been his clique since 2009 because he found that Google truly has given a chance for every young aspiring teen to work their way through the OS. 
He has been using devices powered by Google’s Android OS as well as Nokia, BlackBerry and many others. Having a good knowledge of HTML, he has designed websites for many clients and received compliments for his work. He faces issues on his Android devices and has the drive to find out “why” and “solve”. 

He is one of the few who invested his pocket money in building this community and competing with other Android websites like Android Authority among many others. One of the thing that surprises many is the fact that he has a collection of about 45 gadgets till date…..

Establishing one of India’s well known Android website, Nigel did not stop there and ventured out into doing something for us Goans. He brought the world of media and cinema online through Goencho Balcao which is known to be the only and most visited platform sourcing Konkani Movies, Tiarts and Dramas and currently being used by 2.5 lakh Goans across the world. His partners for this Konkani website venture are Mr.William Britto (currently in Dubai) who came up with the concept and Mr.Assis Cardoso (Goa). 

Earlier, viewers had only one choice, Swapnil Shetkar’s Home Sweet Home but now things have changed and there are movies such as Rajdeep Naik’s Konkani Drama O Bai and John D’Silva’s Comedy Films Lofde (2008), Tallio (2012) and Munna (2013) along many others. 

We asked him “Nigel how do you make time to work and faciliate all this in the 24 hours you have in a day ?”
He replies saying, “I focus and prioritize my tasks, calls and emails that I respond to. For me, every second of my day is important because every year I do a self assessment as to how I have grown and what I have achieved year after year. Innovating has always been my drive to increase my knowledge and time management skills in a huge way. The day you live, travel, make decisions alone, that is the day you will become a master of your own life and time. 

In a nutshell, Nigel Quadros operates and heads a few of the below companies…

  • Director and Editor-in-Chief, – 1st July 2013 till date
  • Goencho Balcao – 17th August 2016 till date
  • Moradia dos Quadros – 14th May 2014 till date

What is Nigel going to do next, this year ? 
Quadros along with his dad, Neves Quadros are going to start operating their very well known Bed and Breakfast, Home Stay and Guest House called “Moradia dos Quadros’ which is on Divar Island. He will use his ace digital marketing skills to scale up the business through various kinds of techniques to make it a wonderful place for hangouts, picnics, events and getting attention from celebrity avenues. 

Nigel has really made of mark for all of us Goans to feel proud. We asked him to shed some light on the different ways to scale a business and make money since he shares these kinds of tips on

He says, “I have always been inclined to running after what I love to do and not money. Money can make you as well as break you. But yes, to all those aspirants out there who want to make a successful lucrative career through blogging, scaling a startup and bringing in revenue, you have to learn how to “market or sell stuff online” and you can be the king online. You have to learn to understand how people will react and take a lot of things into consideration. Trust me, you can make 6 figures a month or even more…. (…Psst….Affiliate Marketing is one of the trick through which your blogging career can change….)


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