​After The Panchayat Elections….. Pacceli Pereira.

The Panchayat Elections are over. We the people have elected many new leaders to run the Panchayat, for the next five years.  Before the elections there was hectic activity.  So many candidates,  for so few people,  to elect.  Finally and hopefully, the best person won.  Let us all endeavor, to help these elected representatives to put in their best for the upliftment of our villages, Majorda-Utorda-Calata.  The  candidates who lost should also join with the villagers, to help.  They too, had promised lots of things.  Now  come together and make these  elected ones perform their duties, for the betterment of the village and its residents.                                                                                                                        

First and foremost, we have to keep our villages clean. In spite of there being a collection of garbage from our homes, twice a week,  we still see garbage dumped on the roads.  Especially those that are seldom used.  The road in Utorda which proceeds from the main electrical transformer towards Marambhatt always has garbage dumped there.  Who does this, nobody knows!  But someone is doing it!  Either these people should stop or some vigilance will have to be undertaken by likeminded villagers to catch the selfish culprits.  

The inner roads have to be repaired.   In some places,  the road is horrible.  

So also the road in Francisco Costa Ward and the one in Gabriel Cruz Ward.  If there are other bad roads, I request those residing in these places to get their representative to repair and maintain it. 

I have always been mentioning of the water bodies in our three villages.  The Majorda pond, that is near the Church, had been somewhat developed.  But look at its state now.  It is worse than before.  

There is another big pond at Gabriel Cruz West that could be developed.  Same place near the transformer.  The pond appears so slimy and dirty.  Wonder what is dumped into this. 

 Let’s get together and ask the Panchayat to provide some fund to develop this place.   First and foremost, the pond has to be cleaned.  A short  retaining wall could be build all around and benches could be fixed outside the wall.  A walking track could be build around the outer circumference of the lake.  A few LED  lighting fixtures will add to the beauty.  Give licenses to some locals to start some carts, serving tea, coffee and snacks.  A nominal fee could be charged on an annual basis to those who wish to use the walking track.  A charge could be levied on the food carts.  This income could be used to pay a couple of labourers who would have to clean the area.  And if all goes well, pedal boats could be introduced later.  This would generate even more income for the panchayat and the workers.  This can be done to all the water bodies in the three villages.  And then we would surely have birds visiting!         


A mention has to be made about our once cleanest beach.  Utorda beach was extremely clean.  Now we have rivulets running though the shore.  These rivulets could have been created by the high tide but one can see plenty of dirt and garbage in these rivulets as well as the shore.  Some rivulets flow from the hotels near the shore. Let’s clean up our beach and make it more beautiful.                                                        

And please,  no more buildings. Individuals from the village may be allowed to build their houses, but no commercial constructions please.  This is an earnest request.  We don’t have the infrastructure to accommodate any more                 

Please do make other suggestions for development.  Those mentioned above are just a few.  Many will have new and even better ideas.  Do come forward.  

Today we have Mr. Agnelo Pereira as our Sarpanch.  He has done great work when he was President of the United Club of Utorda.  He has immense enthusiasm to work.  So let’s us get together and help our Sarpanch to achieve what many did not.


  • Form ward committee. List out all development works needed in your ward. Your difficulties and suggestion. 
  • Bring these issues out during the Gram Sabha and demand funds to be allocated for these developments. Your ward member has to take it forward. 
  • During the next Gram Sabha find out the status of your demands. If they are not carried forward ask for the reason. 
  • Hold the Panchayat Secretary responsible for negligence and get it mentioned in the minutes of the meeting, if his answer is not satisfactory. 

Remember if the villagers get together and work together no force on earth can stop development and betterment of your village. 

If every ward and every village takes this initiative at grass-root level, there will be judicious utilisation of limited funds and remote chances of pilferage. is always ready to support this cause by way of advice and exposure of the Good and bad in your village. 


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