AIR Journalist calls Muslims Pakistanis, spews venom against Islam

NEW DELHI: All India Radio journalist Arti Rana spews venom against Islam and Muslims in Facebook rant saying that Islamic teachings expected its followers to kill everyone else. 

Addressing a Facebook user, this ‘journalist’ said, “Whether the fire of Hindutva destroys anybody or not, Islam has already burnt everyone. Just have a look at countries you consider your brothers and sisters. You are in majority there. Why are you on the verge of disintegration there? You PAKISTANI STOOGES, first improve yourself. You’ve spoiled all the chances you got in India. You are fit for Madrassa education because even after receiving school education your thoughts are anti-national.”

She continued, ” I’ve never said this before, but you are fit for Pakistan…Look into yourself. Hindutva is progressive. Keep shouting saffron terrorism, but terrorists are Muslims all over the world. Do read about the origin of your religion.”

Her Linkedin profile says that she worked as a‘News Editor’ with All India Radio in Mumbai.

This is not the first time Rana had targetted Indian Muslims with her bigotry, wrote journalist Asad Ashraf on Facebook.

He wrote, “This All India Radio’s Journalist went on to call us Pakistani pigs and what not. Samiya Kidwai grand daughter of Akhalaqur Rahman Kidwai, three times governor of different states was also abused and called a traitor by her. She was advised to go to Pakistan . Kidwai family has been a prominent family in the freedom struggle of India. She also claims that she has big connections.”

He wrote, “What she (Rana) wrote qualifies for hate speech and we are still governed by Baba sbs constitution. (sic)”

But instead of repentance, the Arti hurled more insults to Muslims and their ancestors.

She wrote, “Hahaha. Ji Mere BAAP dada par dada yahi k the…Virasat mai hi mila hai, Tum Kahan se bhaag kar aye ho? Tum toh converted ho….(Hahaha.Yes, my father, grandfather, great-grandfather belonged to India. (Being Indian) This I’ve got it from them. Where did you flee from to land here? You all are converted.”).


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