While a lady was waiting at traffic signal for green light she was approached by a beggar woman holding a child in her lap.The baby was crying like hell and the beggar woman begged money from her.

The lady got out of her car and asked the beggar why the child was crying so hard ?The beggar woman said that the child was very hungry and she needed some money for milk. This smart lady smelt something fishy as she realised that it was certainly not due to hunger. (women have god given gift of sensing abnormalities)She asked the beggar to handover the child to her. She would pay Rs.100 if the beggar did it.The beggar agreed. As soon as the lady got the child in her lap she removed his cloths andfound three forceps applied on the child’s stomach and two on his thighs, while the poor child was bleeding. The beggar woman would move her hand on his thighs to increase pains so that the baby cries louder but others would see it as an act of affection.

The beggar was beaten black and blue by the public when this lady exposed it to others.Later, the police found that the child was an abducted one.

The poor child was able to get back to his parents from Hyderabad. 
His mom shed tears of gratitude and thanked this lady profusely for helping in getting her child back.

Salute to you brave lady !


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