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It was around the 90s when everyone thought the man will ride off the golden sunset, rather he did an about turn, started up again and stormed right back into the sunlight, from where he continues to shine even today.  

While many his age have hung their boots and are leaving a laid back life, the septuagenarian, who turns 74, today is one of the busiest actors and still regales the screen with his presence. Just this year, the man had three releases and he continues to enthrall with his versatility as an actor.

“As an actor, I love to be challenged. I love to be put in a different sphere and hope I can tackle it. I hope there are still new things out there for me to try,” said the Pink actor in a recent interview.

With his willingness to take chances and the constant effort to pursue his passion, the megastar undoubtedly is an inspiration to millions. In just the last decade, Big B has stumped us with his ability to reinvent with changing times. Beating the odds, he is a living proof that age is just a number and made us believe that nothing can stop us from making a mark if we have our heart into it.

We bring to you 5 characters that Amitabh Bachchan played in the recent past that screamed loud and clear that success has nothing to do with your age, it’s the attitude that matters…

Buddhadev Gupta, Cheeni Kum

Cheeni Kum - Big B
He was a leading man in this film and unlike other Bollywood heroes, Mr.Bachchan actually played his age in the film. Needlessly to say, he effortlessly won our hearts with his performance. The man not only gave a remarkable performance but also looked sexy as hell at 64. The film may have received mixed reviews but AB unanimously walked away with all praises and showed us how one can rule like a boss even with a mop of grey hair.

Auro, Paa

Auro, Paa
As effortlessly as he had donned the sexy look in Cheeni Kum, the then 67-year-old actor naturally transformed himself into a 13-year-old Auro for Paaand made our jaws drop. Amitabh Bachchan’s portrayal of 13-year-old schoolboy afflicted with the genetic accelerated-aging disorder progeria, set new benchmarks for the entire Indian film industry. Despite the many layers of his prosthetic make-up, Big B managed to convey all those varied emotions of his character. He submerged himself into this bright mischievous character, lightened his signature style deep baritone and gave us a memorable performance. After this act, even the term ‘legend’ couldn’t do justice for this great actor.

Meyer Wolfsheim, The Great Gatsby

Meyer Wolfsheim, The Great Gatsby
So after ruling the Bollywood industry for over 4 decades, the megastar enchanted the audiences in the west as a Jewish gangster Wolfsheim in the The Great Gatsby. It may have been a small role but Bachchan with his uncompromising attitude and a glorious charm, made an impactful Hollywood debut at the age of 71. Well, what do they say about it’s never too late to do anything… No doubt, Big is a living proof of that adage.

Bhashkor Banerji, Piku

Bhashkor Banerji, Piku
Bhashkor Banerji from Piku was a delightful character which was brought life by Mr. Bachchan in such a manner that no one else could. Adding a dash of drama yet keeping it sensitively light, Big B nailed it with his disarmingly natural performance. From his hair, accent, protruding belly, to his hearing aid and constipated face, he did justice to each and every nuance of his character. The film also starred two other younger and stellar actors – Deepika Padukone and Irrfan Khan, however, it was Amitabh Bachchan who undeniably stole the show.

John Biswas, Te3n

John Biswas, Te3n
Today, actors who are well in their 30s, too find it difficult to carry the weight of an entire film on their shoulders. However, throw any role or any film at this man called Amitabh Bachchan and he can effortlessly carry it forward with perfection. In the recently releasedTe3n, Amitabh Bachchan played an Anglo Indian character and carried the weight of the entire film on his shoulders. The angst and helplessness of the character who had lost his grandson were brought to the screen with such gravity by this senior actor that we don’t think any other actor could have played this part any better.

With such a body of work and an unmatched enthusiasm that he breathes into his character, Amitabh Bachchan is a motivation to not just young actors but the whole nation.

However, as humble as ever the actor simply said in an interview recently, “I cannot see how you term my being 74 as an inspiration. That’s my age, and today I shall be stepping into my 75th, that’s it. The mercy of the almighty, the love and blessings of my parents, and the affection of my well-wishers — if there’s any left — is enough for me. I don’t understand motivation.”

Now you know, why he is a legend.



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