This recently occurred incident in Kashmir:

While many are debating whether it was ethical or not for a professional army to use human Shield,I see this incidence as one of the finest example of presence of mind.

When you are stuck somewhere and few of your own people(mostly sponsored) are pelting stones on you,what would you do so that neither civilians nor you( and your soldiers) get harmed?

This is what Major Gogoi did:

  • He tied one of the pelter (who was inciting others to throw stones on army personnel) to his jeep and started moving peacefully among the violent crowd without using any arm.
  • The stone pelters were stunned.They were helpless as they couldn’t throw stone seeing their own person tied on the army vehicle.

  • This ensured non-violent movement of army people. Not a single bullet was fired. No use of Pellet gun.Nobody threw stones. Nothing.
  • Eventually,all were unharmed. No injury to any civilian and good thing was our soldiers were also saved.

Below is the picture of Major Gogoi

Many are blaming army for using human shield and breaching human right of ‘tied’ person,but they are not thinking that there was no better option in that situation. What is more important, life or right? First save life then think of rights.

Aditya Sahariya 


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