Tiatr Review…. ‘ I.C.U. – Bed No. 2’ …… by J.P. Pereira.

‘I.C.U. – Bed No. 2’ the new tiatr from  Irineu Gonsalves is one of those rare intelligent shows that hit the commercial Konkani stage.  A tale of love against all odds, the drama enthralls in every aspect.  Lots to tell with top class  entertainment. 

The story begins in London.  Jane whose family is  there,  is studying to qualify as a nurse.  Leo is under training with one of the leading football academy.  Both are deeply in love.  Unfortunately they have not told their parents.  Only Allan, a friend, knows about this.  Jane’s father suddenly dies from a heart attack and the family is in debts as the father was a compulsive gambler.  They are saved from bankruptcy by Sam, a family friend.  On the day of the month’s mind, Sam comes with a proposal to Maria, Jane’s mother.   He offers his son,  Paul’s  hand to Jane.  The lovers are shocked, the mother will not listen to the daughter’s plea and Leo is adamant.  Jane gives in to the mother’s emotional blackmail, and marries Paul.  Three years pass.  Leo has his football academy in Goa but still thinks of his love.  And one day he meets Jane.  She tells him of her life and he takes her to meet his mother.  What follows has to be watched on stage in a presentation that has its twists and surprises leading to the impressive climax.

Irineu  has presented a beautiful script with some sleek direction.  Emphasis is laid on emotional blackmail by parents and how at times, parents waste their children’s future for flimsy reasons.  The sets are great to look at and the set of the ICU and the act is  executed very well.  Baltu’s light effects are timely and these also help the short flashbacks.  The acting is top notch.  

Jessica is wonderful as Jane. The emotion she displays, whether joy or pain is great.  Irene shows  her talent as Maria and later as the doctor.  Dolla is the boy’s mother and is good as always. 

Willie is Leo.  A superb act as the frustrated lover who seems to be losing all the time and Jeremiah adds punch to his act as Allan.  Sandeep Kalangutkar  plays Sam and later the academy doctor.  There is humour from John D’Silva, Humbert, Ambe, Cedric and Luis Bachchan.  The audience has plenty to laugh about.  Sheikh Amir does the PM in style and Hortencio is the Goan CM.  These two attend a function of Goan folk culture and answer questions too!
James  on keyboard leads the band that has Shannon and Macroy on trumpets, Lonni on bass and Defflon on drums.  Good music and backing for the various songs. 

 The opening song from Jeremiah is interesting and rendered well.   There are  songs from Olga, Anil, Hortencio, Jeremiah and others.  Solos by Benny de Aldona, Rons and Irineu (for Mergulhao) and  a duet from Dolla with Anthony San need special mention.  Hortencio-Ambe-Humbert-Luis render a humorous quartet. Highly recommended!!!

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