I was catching the last train back from London and had about an hour to kill at a station where I needed to change. It was late at night, I was on my own, and the station didn’t have many people in it. I decided that this was a great time to have a little wander around the platforms, stretch my legs a tad, and enjoy the wait.

I ended up walking down a platform with no more scheduled journeys for the night, so naturally, there were very few of us there. Actually, there were just two of us; me, and a little girl. It’s quite unusual to see a little girl standing on her own in the dead of night, and I’m not sure if I did the right thing or not, but I stopped walking, parked myself on a bench about 20 meters away, and decided to subtly keep an eye on her to make sure she was okay. At first I assumed her mother had probably gone to the toilet or something and asked her to stand in the same place until her return, but children shouldn’t be on their own like that, so I sat there and decided to be a temporary guardian for her.

This girl was standing down the platform and appeared to be about ten years old or so, in her school uniform. From what I could tell, she was Asian, and seemed pretty confident standing where she was. Very, very still. Because after five minutes passed, this little girl was still standing in exactly the same position that she was before. I mean I hadn’t seen her move an inch.

I sat there on the bench thinking about what could have happened. Had her mother told her to stand there and then abandoned her? Had she been separated from her carer? Maybe I should wait a bit longer.

And she just stood there, in the same position. right arm clutched to her body, staring directly at me. Ten minutes passed. Fifteen. It was winter and the platforms were cold. This little girl must have been absolutely freezing. But she was just standing there, staring at me.

I could feel her eyes burning into my soul. Was she angry? Was I hallucinating? I considered going to find help, but then a cleaner walked past her. He didn’t even look at her, he just swept past, and skipped on his merry way. He wouldn’t just let a child stand there, right? Was she a ghost? If I got up to get help, then I would have to take my eyes off the girl, and then what if she ran away? What if some creep snatched her? No, her safety was important.

Twenty minutes.

It was getting ridiculous. This poor little girl had been abandoned or something. I decided that when 25 minutes passed, if nothing had happened, I’d hop up and go ask her if she was okay. I don’t know why I didn’t do so sooner, but I was hoping her parents would come collect her or something. As long as I kept a lookout for the girl, everything would be okay.

22 minutes passed, and she was still standing there, staring at me from a distance. I needed to take a picture and send it to someone to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Like a sleepy hallucination or a psychotic break or something, because this apparently invisible ghost demon child is just standing there casually glaring in my direction. I shit you not, here’s what came out on my phone’s camera:

I sent it to my girlfriend at the time for confirmation. No, I wasn’t seeing things, I wasn’t dreaming. I needed to go help her. And 25 minutes later, she was still stood there, dead still, staring at me, in the freezing cold, in the dead of night. Just me and her, here on this dark and creepy platform.

I stood up and tentatively walked towards her. I got a bit closer, and she stood there, remaining still. Now as I got closer, it was probably the most “oh my God” moment I’ve ever experienced. I saw her face, the shadows hitting it under the dim station lights. It looked half melted, like she had no real eyes.

My heart was pumping faster and faster and faster. I couldn’t stop now, this poor girl was probably a victim of a horrific accident, and definitely not a demon. Just because she stood so still for so long in the cold weather and stared at me… well, I guess maybe she didn’t stare at me, she didn’t have eyes. Wait, what if she is actually a ghost? Is this my last moment on this planet? No, don’t be stupid, she’s just a poor little girl.

I was scared, I admit, but I knew that this girl with the melted face needed someone’s help. I needed to go ask her if she’s okay. Besides, what kind of person would I be if I just left her there?And as I got closer, it just became more clear, she was deformed, abandoned, a poor little girl. But I couldn’t help be scared, but I powered through.

I walked up closer to her, opened my mouth to ask her something, trembling. And I couldn’t believe what I saw.

She was made of Lego. She was a goddamn art installation made of Lego. Just standing there, being creepy, staring at people and being made of Lego.


By Julian Frank 


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