80 year old woman’s bones broken by police 


Bhopal, June 11: An 80-year-old lady was allegedly beaten up and not allowed to meet Shivraj Singh Chouhan the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh who was fasting at Gandhi Maidan which is nearly 40 km away from capital city of state-Bhopal. The elderly woman alleged that she along with her 100-year-old husband were beaten up while chasing farmers to get to her own house near Sehore. She had gone there with a hope to meet CM and address her grievances after coming to know that Chouhan had invited farmers.

According to an NDTV report, the policemen came to her house while chasing agitators who had disrupted a rally in nearby Phanda Kalan village near Sehore, as they ran through her compound.

When the boys outran the cops, they turned to Kamlabai (80) and said, “You are one of them, you ordered that trucks be set ablaze.”

After beating Kamlabai, her husband and sons, the cops arrested her grandsons along with Kamlabai herself.

Bandaged on arms and legs where she has suffered fractures, Kamlabai went to meet the Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan who was fasting 40km from her village in Dusshera Maidan in Bhopal.

But to her dismay, she was not allowed to meet the chief minister who was holding his ‘peace fast’ for the state farmers.

The couple has gone on a fast now, demanding that the chief minister meet them and assure them justice for the unprovoked assault they were subjected too and punish the policemen.


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