It happened in 8th grade. It’s surprising and kinda sad.

Mrs. X was our Hindi teacher. She was overweight , like reallllllllyyyyyyyyyy overweight. So it was natural of me and my friends to make fun of her. Not only us , probably everyone in her class , of all standards would make fun of her. We used to imitate her when she wasn’t around , walk behind her when she goes in the corridor and give her all names and such. But Mrs. X was smart , she understood everything , but for some reason choose to ignore it.

Her ignorance had reached a point where we no longer made fun of her behind the back , we did it in front of her. It was everywhere , in the corridor , during class hours , after school hours , everywhere. She always replied back with a smile. Always.

So now , me and my friends got thinking , we wondered why isn’t she bothered about the things we call her ?! It was annoying and kinda weird too. I mean , hats off to her patience level ! And no , she never took revenge by cutting our marks or by not teaching properly , she always did her duty well.

She used to be the same way towards us , always caring and always ready to help us in any way.

So now , me and my friends thought that something is not right. There is something about her which sends chills down our spine.

It was after 3 years that we came to know the truth :

She had 3 miscarriages. Yes. You read that right. 3. She loved children and had always wanted a kin of her own. But after the 3rd miscarriage , the doctors told she was incapable of reproducing anymore. Due to this , her husband also left her and she lived with her parents now. She was so broken at a tender age of 29 that she could not think of any other marriage at all.

That’s when she decided to become a teacher. She knew that the only way she can overcome her sadness and grief is by living among children and loving them as their own.

This truth shook me apart. I couldn’t believe that this was the truth behind the always smiling and lovable teacher. I felt ashamed of myself. I truly did. I thought about this for days together and wanted to make things right.

So me and my friends decided to go to her home one day and surprise her with flowers. We cooked at her house and spent a lovely evening with her ! She showed us her childhood photos and her pet cat was so adorable ! And we sometime video chat with her too !

I learnt a very big lesson of my life : Never judge a person. You have no idea what a person is going through in his/her life ! Be good to everyone , even if that person is bad to you. Coz you know , eventually , everything is gonna be alright !

Khadija HK 


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