Whenever you touch your shoes with your hand, remember what your mother says, “Make sure you wash your hands after you are done with your shoes.” Now think how many times a cobbler’s mother would have said this to her son.

Similarly, when you make yourself dirty, your mom always shouts, “ Why are you so filthy. Go and take a bath.” Have you ever thought about those who clean our sewerages.

  • The cobbler.

He sits daily at the same spot. I watch him daily. The people who come to him doesn’t care about him. Rich people never come to him, they send their servants to him. And you know what, the servants also show off in front of him. He always stays silent, speaks nothing. Life is just going on. He barely earn 3 meals a day and yet works so hard. Many people retire at this age and enjoy with their children and grandchildren, but he is still working. The struggle to earn money is getting more and more tougher for him and yet he is working so hard. He is doing this work to earn money because like us, he is also a part of a family. He is not our servant but he is a necessity for us. So we should respect cobblers. So the next time you visit him, make sure to greet him with a smile.

  • The Sewerage Cleaner

He is a Sewerage cleaner. He cleans all that mess what we create. Many of his friends have died in this profession. But he is still working. And what we do for him. We consider him filthy, treat him with words like ewww, yuk, hey you don’t come inside etc. On one hand we taunt castism and discrimination and on the other hand we hesitate to give him a glass of water. Just like others he also have children and he is working so that his children get a better life. He doesn’t want his children to do the same profession. Our life can’t go on without people like him. The only thing he expects from us is respect. He is not a filthy person, he is getting filthy for us.

Hats off to those people who do these small jobs to make our life better.

Bishnu Dev Panda 


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