Whenever my parents accompany me on a train journey, I find beautiful girls all around, at times they even share the same compartment. Wish I knew where they all disappear when I travel alone! 🙁

This happened back in 2012. I was in a Howrah bound train and was sitting by the window with a Chemistry book in hand (I was going to appear for an engineering entrance exam). Aunt was there beside me, and my uncle, as is his wont, was sleeping on the upper berth. An hour into my journey, I saw her. She was one of the prettiest young women I had ever seen in person. It seemed as if she had come straight out of a movie and landed in a side lower berth of the Howrah-Ahmedabad express.

She was there in the next compartment with her family. Given her strategic position and that of mine, I came to experience, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. Now, comes the embarrassing part. Sitting in the side lower berth directly opposite me was a man in his early twenties. He was sleeping all the while. Just before Kharagpur station, he got up. When he bent down to put his shoes on, he saw her too. So awestruck was he, that he couldn’t shut his gaping mouth. The tying of his shoelaces slowed down. It seemed as if time itself had slowed down as our Shahrukh Khan laid eyes on his Simran. The girl didn’t seem to notice him.

As he was about to finish, the train gave a sudden jolt and he, bent a little more than necessary, fell tumbling down from his seat. I couldn’t control my laughter. My uncle, who I thought, had been sleeping all this while, said, ‘Chheler mon chonchol hoy gechhe!’ which roughly translates as, ‘the boy has gone out of hand!’

It turned out, the manner in which I had been observing our awestruck Romeo and his subject of interest from behind my book; my uncle had been seeing me, from the vantage point that upper berths offer.

Joy Deep 


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