This is an interesting true incident. Names and places have been avoided to protect the identity of the person. 
48 years old. Bachelor,government employee, lonely. Desperate for company. A proposal came in. The girl was just 25. Beautiful young and energetic. Without a second thought he said yes. They got married. 
On the very first day the girl confessed of her previous affairs. She promised him, she will never do it again. He forgave her. They lived happily. He trusted her blindly. 
Slowly but surely she took complete control on his life. Made him to split from his family. Took possession of his bank accounts. Encashed his fixed deposits. On questioning she told him.” Its safe don’t worry “. And he believed her. 
He was made to sell his trucks. His gold. Finally she began forcing him to sign the property papers in order to dispose it. He refused. At this juncture fights began. He was daily harassed. Life was hell. He had no one to approach. He had cutoff all relationship with his family. 
He latter found out that his entire saving of nearly twenty lakh was wiped out. She was having a affair with a young guy of about, 30. All his money was with him. That was the last straw. 
He realised he was cheated and betrayed. He couldn’t bear it anymore. He took a chopper, killed her. And went to work. 
His daughter came home from school. That’s when the body was found.
 Sustained questioning and he confessed his crime. At present he is in judicial custody awaiting trial. 


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