It was mid night about 2.20 am,  my mother and me  were sleeping, Suddenly  I got up (still wondering how it happened ). I was getting a smoking smell. I rushed out of the bed to see whether the  phone connected to the  charger caught  fire, but it was alright. I could smell the odour heavily, I woke my mother and told her as i was very afraid to open the room . She didn’t feel initially but after 4 to 5 secs , we sensed something  burning outside. I started to shiver. My mother slowly opened the door. OMG! FIRE …….Our fridge was burning to half of its height. I was nervous, I opened my room window and started to shout but no voice came from my throat in that fear.

My mother asked me to relax, she told me to be patient and take the mobile phones and get out of the house ,we were at the first floor The fire had  just starting to spread, it was not hot at that time) she cleverly collected the keys to down stair grill gate. 

THE SADDEST PART: My father is affected by stroke , and he was at another room, he is bed ridden. We were not able to lift him.  So  opened his room’s windows. While coming out of my father’s room, my mother consciously closed his room’s door ( As I had forgotten to do that).

When we came downstairs my mother rushed to ask people for help to take my father out of the building (near by 24*7 call taxi and a travel agency was there )and I contacted police 100 and fire service 101….fire service told us that it will take 15 mins …. But thankfully came 9 to 10 mins later.Area police also came within 3 to 4 mins of the call. They asked us to get away from the building.

We were able to hear sounds of objects breaking inside but the fire didn’t stop and as my father was still inside , I was crying …to hear my father’s voice …I shouted but he couldn’t scream,  he whispered  ” I’m fine I’m fine….” 

When the fire service came they took my father out ….doused the fire and immediately took the gas cylinders out of my house. They called for ambulance and my father was admitted. Thankfully with no injuries we all escaped.

Police and fire service said it was a miracle and we did right things to escape. We thank them sincerely.

My mother hugged me tightly and cried THANK YOU GOD FOR SAVING US WITH NOT EVEN  A SINGLE INJURY

Neighbours   came to help us,  but fire had spread and they were not able to enter the house. And as soon as we came down we  switched off the electricity main.

This is the picture of the room where we slept.

My Mother and my father.

Sandhyan Narmadhan 


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