The bridegroom allegedly kidnapped from his wedding at gunpoint by a woman who has now come to be known as ‘Revolver Rani’ has denied that he was abducted, giving a fresh twist to a story that has made national headlines.
Hundreds of men and women converged at the Maudaha police station on Friday to catch a glimpse of Ashok Yadav and Varsha Sahu as the Uttar Pradesh police brought them in for questioning.

Varsha reportedly had stormed the wedding venue in Hamirpur district three days earlier just when Ashok was tying the knot with another woman.

Varsha and her male companions then whisked Ashok away as horror-stricken wedding guests looked on.

There was more drama at the police station with a hysterical ‘Revolver Rani’ screaming at a visibly shaken Yadav.

“You cheated me, you ruined my life,” Varsha shouted even as a police constable held her by the waist, restraining her from lunging at Ashok.

“I have been with you for eight years as your wife. I will not let you marry Chanda,” she threatened, referring to the woman Ashok was about to marry.

Both the crowd and the police were equally amused with the latter doing little to placate Varsha.

Ashok began to cry inconsolably, denying he had ever married her.

As the crowds swelled outside, with some even climbing nearby trees to have a better view of the quarrelling duo, Ashok regretted his predicament.

“If I go with my lover, the family of the bride will send me to jail. If I marry the girl, Varsha will commit suicide. Batao main kya karoon (What should I do?),” he asked in exasperation.

Troubles for Ashok have been mounting with even the family of the girl he was about to marry demanding that he reimburse all their wedding expenses.

“My family worked hard for this wedding, they saved every penny, borrowed money for my marriage. They will have to return all the money,” Chanda said.

The police also found themselves in a dilemma after Ashok denied he was abducted.

“On what charges can we send the woman (Varsha) to jail when the victim is denying that he was kidnapped,” an officer said.

Ashok’s father, however, would have none of it. “Sahab, je ladki ne izzat mitti milai do (Sir, this girl has ruined our reputation),” Ram Het Yadav said, pressing for harshest punishment for her.

‘Revolver Rani’ claims Ashok had willingly walked out of the wedding after she had landed at the venue as he was scared of being exposed.

Late on Friday night there were indications of a possible compromise between the three sides: Ashok would marry Varsha and his younger brother would wed Chanda.


‘Revolver Rani’ set to marry her lover

Varsha had ‘abducted’ Ashok from his wedding pandal allegedly at gunpoint on May 15.

 In a perfect filmy ending, ‘Revolver Rani’ and her ‘abducted’ lover announced on Friday that they decided to tie the knot. The case of abduction against the accused and bride-to-be Varsha Sahu was also dropped after the family of the original bride, Bharti, chose a compromise instead.

“We spoke to Ashok (the groom). He knew Varsha for eight years and was unhappy with his proposed marriage to Bharti. However, since his parents were adamant, he gave in,” Maudaha Kotwali inspector AK Singh said.

“Initially, the groom’s father came to us with a complaint and an FIR was regis tered against Varsha under Section 363 of the IPC. But before we could initiate action, they again arrived at the police station and reached a compromise. Since the families resolved the issue amicably, the complaint has now been withdrawn. The two have now decided to marry,” Singh added.

In order to avoid complications, Ashok will be produced in the court of chief judicial magistrate, Hamirpur, where his statement would be recorded on Saturday, the inspector added.

Varsha had ‘abducted’ Ashok from his wedding pandal allegedly at gunpoint on May 15.



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