This incident where a lady took the courage to confront the guy who was secretly filming her.

A woman in Singapore took to Facebook to expose a man who was filming her in a metro train coach. On Saturday, while travelling from Outram station to Harbourfront, the woman wrote that a man came and sat right opposite her despite the coach being all empty. The man then took out his phone and stared at the screen as if watching something on it. But the reflection of the phone on the train’s window pane is what alarmed the woman. The man was secretly filming her without realising that she knew exactly what he was up to.

Uma Mageswari then decided to make her own video of the man and posted it on Facebook. The video has been viewed over 5 million times in just two days.

Uma, in her post on facebook, says she confronted the man and reported him to the cops immediately.

Image below clearly shows the screen of his phone.

Hadn’t she had the courage and presence of mind, this would have been just another unsuspecting act of that pervert. He would have gotten away with this act and continued to do so.

“Upon further investigation this guy,named Suraj was found to be in possession of similar videos though i am told they were rather obscene in nature of unsuspecting victims,” she wrote on Facebook.

Uma also wrote that the man made several excuses for what he did and instead of an apology, said “his last feeble attempt of an apology was that ‘I was like his sister'”.

What a creep!!

Links to the post :

Uma Mageswari

Needless to say that her posts were flooded with comments like below. People started commenting what a woman should wear in order to avoid such incidents. As an Indian woman, no i’m not surprised. Because I have heard it all before.

The screenshot of the comments she received on her post :

Her response to each of them is excellent.


Read the news here : EP holder from India caught secretly filming MRT commuter

Bravo girl

We need more brave souls like you.

Priyanka Rao 


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