This is a true story. Names and places have not been mentioned to protect the identity of the couple. Yes it happened in Goa

A young couple fell in love. They studied in the same college. Things were good. Life was wonderful. And one day they were trapped into extortion through blackmail by non other than a man in uniform.

This couple were together besides the river talking sweet nothing. A police man threatened them and told them that a case would be registered against them. Fearing shame from family, they begged this cop to let them go. But this cop was adamant. Sensing the fear in their eyes he allowed them to go on condition that the boy and girl hand over their valuables which happened to be his gold chain and her bangles, worth nearly two lakh. They readily parted with it. Thinking the matter was over.

But that was not to be. This blackmailer cop called them again and again demanding more cash. He told them his officer wasn’t agreeing and wants to register the case. This cycle of blackmail began.

This young couple continued giving him cash. They had no choice. They had no one to confide in. And it would have continued for long. One day the boys mother asked him about his gold chain. Under pressure he spilled the beans and told her the entire story.

A complaint was immediately lodged. The gold was immediately recovered and this cop was arrested. The cash is yet to be recovered.

Had it not been to the mother, this extortion would have continued for long. Of course with this, the love story of this young couple was exposed.

The girls parent went into a state of shock. For them society mattered more than anything. The girl was kept under house arrest. Mobile, college and her movement was stopped. The girl was castigated not only by the parents but by their relatives. The Father fell sick and till date is in a state of shock.

With time the girl was allowed to go back to college with strict instructions. She was to stay away from the boy. She promised. But deep down it is difficult for her to do that. The love continues hidden.

Let’s analyse this incident.

Had the parents had open and close relation with their children, this matter would not have reached this stage. The children would have immediately confided in their parents who would have handled this matter with maturity. No one could have had the guts to blackmail them. Or take advantage of their innocence.

This is a lesson for parents.

Be open with your children.

Treat them as friends.

Let them know you are there for them for any problem they may face.

Tell them to confide in you.

And if they are in trouble solve it rather than insulting or demeaning them.

After all they are your greatest wealth.


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