The Feast of Holy Spirit Church at Naroa, Goa is celebrated on the day of the Pentecost (50 Days after Easter).

The Holy Spirit Church, Naroa, Goa is popularly called ‘The Naroa Church’ locally in Goa, The parish of Naroa was founded in 1710, the year in which theHoly Spirit church, Naroa was blessed, the Holy Spirit church, Naroa was built by Diogo Da Silveira, captain of the fort of Naroa, commonly known as Narvem. The bell of the Holy Spirit church at Naroa church originally belonged to the Holy Trinity church of Old Goa which no longer exists.

Fortress Church

The Jesuit priest Moren de Souza writes about the history of the Naroa church in his book Tisvaddecheo Igorzo (Churches of Tiswadi):

The Holy Spirit Church is actually dedicated to St. Thomas

“During routine inspection, one Portuguese commander found the fortress of Naroa practically empty. It seemed that being a Sunday, the entire garrison had gone to a neighbouring church for Sunday services. To solve this problem, the officials decided to construct a church there. Accordingly, the king of Portugal wrote a letter dated 8th March 1546 to Dom Joao de Castro and instructed him to build a church at Naroa and dedicate it to St. Thomas the Apostle. A document dated in the year 1710 reveals that Diogo da Silveira, captain of the fort of Naroa built this church. Though the church is dedicated to the Holy Spirit, a statue of St Thomas adorns the main altar.”

The Number of Catholics in the Parish of Holy Spirit Church at Naroa, Goa is 250.

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