Russi Mody, Chairman, Tata Steel, was holding a weekly meeting with Tata Steel staff at a football ground in Jamshedpur.

A worker took up a niggling issue. He said the quality and hygiene of toilets for workers was very bad. Whereas, he pointed out that the cleanliness and hygiene of Executive toilets ?are always very good.

Russi asked his top executive how much time he needs to set it right.

The executive asked for a month to set it right. Russi said “I would rather do it in a day. Send me a carpenter.”?

Next day, when the carpenter came, he ordered the sign boards to be swapped !!!

The sign board on the “WORKERS ” toilet was changed to “EXECUTIVES ” and  “EXECUTIVES” toilet to “WORKERS “.

Russi then gave instructions to inter-change it every fortnight!

The quality of both toilets were on par in 3 days time.

A solution that was immediate and lasting for both! ?

*Debriefing of this Story*

As a leader, it’s your job to listen to the problem patiently but implement the solution quickly.

Always keep finding new ways to solve the problem quickly.

The moment you get this mindset, your path is transformed from normal leadership to a great leadership like Russi Mody.


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