The St. Sebastian Church in Aquem, Goa is called ‘Sao Sebastiao Igreja em Aquem, Goa’ in Portuguese. The St. Sebastian Church, Aquem is also popularly known as ‘The Aquem church’ locally in Goa. The Aquem church originated from the primitive chapel dedicated to St Sebastian.

The Aquem chapel was built in the sixteenth century and was  popularly known as Punddam kopel. It could be in allusion to the place being allegedly connected with Punna, the famous disciple of Buddha, or with the legendary Pandavas of the Mahabharata, They are believed to have lived in the very ancient caves existing behind the Aquem chapel. Both these stories are a part of a strong oral tradition among locals. The Aquem chapel, which was affiliated to the parish of Navelim, was elevated to the status of the St. Sebastian Church, Aquem parish church on November 3, 2002.

St. Sebastian Church, Aquem has probably got its name as it was the day of the feast of St Sebastian on 29th Feb 1560, when the owner of the land offered it to be used for building the Chapel. The land was owned by one Sebastiao Coelho and so it could be the Chapel got dedicated to St Sebastian. The St Sebastian Chapel in Aquem after being built was managed and maintained by the Aquem Communidade through donations collected from the faithful patrons who worshiped at the chapel.

St Sebastian Chapel, Aquem was enlarged in 1916 with the setting up of a big granite cross at the top of the tower. A residence for the priests was built in 1938 followed later by the St Terezinha school for music and elementary studies in 1957.

The Feast of St. Sebastian Church, Aquem, Goa is celebrated on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday every year.

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