From the Cola Wars to the battle between long-distance carriers, we take a look at some of the biggest business rivalries in recent history.

You have stopped in front of a grocery store or on your way into work, in search of your item. Coke versus Pepsi, Surf versus Nirma, Amul versus Kwality –which brand do you choose? For you, it’s a split-second decision shaped by years of habit and brand marketing. But for the rival companies, understanding and shaping that decision is a daily obsession that involves thousands of employees and costs billions.

Relentless competition is one of the core principles of our market economy. We’ve come a long way since the 1770s, when Adam Smith extolled the importance of competition to the public good in The Wealth of Nations. Now CEOs engage in Twitter skirmishes, digital marketers battle for Facebook feed visibility, and intellectual property lawyers wage war via patent filings. The weapons have evolved, even if the competitive imperative remains the same.

For some companies, that imperative takes the form of an intense rivalry.







The new Corporate AAP under the captain Arvind Kejriwal is an interesting case study

Before I go ahead with detailed analysis, I would like to share a few statements Arvind Kejriwal AK has stated over the course of last 4 years

(1) – AK has always said that Janta Jarnadan is supreme, we are here to serve them and listen to them as to what they want.

(2) We have to stay and continue our fight against the ‘establishment’ until we achieve the target goal of AAP’s founding principles of SWARAJ .

AAP was and is and will remain in the concept of a corporate offering to the market of governance.

You have to be practical and fully accept and understand that the market i.e voter may or may not be ready for your product  (which is something decided by various of factors  and in that case it is you who have to decide what will you do if you find out that market is not ready for it.

As a result of assessment you will find that market (voter) does not desire  or is conned out of it by sabotage, what is it that you are going to do?  Understand it fully and deeply and make sure your cadre understands this difference as well, because understanding this will ensure that you, AAP survives to fight another day.

Series of losses have put the majority of supporters in fear psychosis mode, where they are questioning themselves and are continuously searching some fault somewhere within them. It is happening because the cardinal rules of democracy is that people vote for whosoever does good work .They have been raised on this philosophy.  If these rules are not followed then there is some fundamental fault somewhere .

Politics is one of the most lucrative businesses existing in India. All rules of inter corporate war applies here. Your only choice is to either face the battle with no means to respond and perish or prepare to respond and survive.

Since AAP is in the market, it’s  like a startup which is trying to make place among existing corporates ( BJP Congress) players and to expect that  existing corporate players will definitely take action to survive.

If you assume that your product is marketable, desired and will be acceptable as default and will be allowed to exist, you are grossly mistaken. This means that checking marketability of your product, ability to sustain it against fatal attacks by other players and validation of market is required to be aggressively fought.

Remember the lessons of corporate world and consider a scenario when your product is tampered and one has to counter this threat in order to survive and not become extinct.

AAP is not working shrewdly in  response to market dynamics of customer ( voter) and other corporate tactics and is more or less working on old age template formed during Anna days, with many core supporters repeating their personal beliefs as gospel.

Deny existence of any of the above facts, refuse, ignore or fail to take remedial actions,and do not be surprised if you are attacked fatally leaving your existence in question.

1. AAP is a startup which, due to Anna protest assumed that people really need a product as was propagated during the protest. Considering the Revelation that Anna protest was an end game which was sabotaged by an honest Kejriwal. The product market association is open to cross verification again now because the cadres prepared the audience earlier.

2. Lets see the assumptions of the AAP  product offered in the election game.

Indian public/voter are first class people suffering from third class governance. (an assumption )

I do not see any other assumption on which AAP currently markets its product to customer.

3. Now lets analyse what possibly can happen to AAP product since it has entered the Indian market.

Face all the tricks of inter corporate war as existing companies in a typical Indian way have tried to kill the new company. This means the following but not limited to the following.

Using media and all kind of perception to make the customer to think that  products are worse than it’s competitors.
Using establishment to make rules to make its product illegal.

Using establishment to present a picture that proves AAP product is inferior than competitor.

Using establishment to manipulate customer choice so that the result can be shown as proof to other customers that they should not trust the new company.

As a result of all the above, create seeds of suspicion in the the mind of supporters so that they begin to question themselves and disintegrate fighting amongst themselves.

How do they do this in corporates?

Use Central and State govt to make rules which will create hurdles to the new companies product via manufacturing, delivering or marketing (eg announcement of mohalla clinic, demolition of mohalla clinic, blocking advertisement of mohalla clinic etc)

Use central and State govt to create false complaints and use police to file cases to prove to the customer that AAP products are inferior than the existing companies and thus the new product of the company has done wrong by claiming that it’s product is the best.

Use EVM tampering to register the customer’s choice against the new product and use this as a claim that the new product is inferior and connect the result to above and conclude that this result proves that their works of claims on illegality and inferiority were true, again triggering internal rift and disintegration possibilities via blame counter blame.

Now lets see , how it fits the script.

2013- India is living happily in crony corrupt joint venture of finance and monopoly business, with company 1 ruling market for 10 years now.Tired of crying EVM fraud, now Company 2 thinks it is high time, it needs to break the monopoly, it fuels an instigation on anti corruption protest, uses personalities who had past record of work on anti corruption issues, fixes their moles into the protest.Protest gains momentum, one of the participant and protester comes in the form of Kejriwal, who had no inkling of the conspiracy that the protest was to be dismantled after removal of company 1.

Feels like hero of many indian films  notably, Kurushetra

2014- Elections is closing in, time to dissolve the protest, moles dilute/desert Kejriwal , after having set a milestone, sees nothing is achieved except change of govt, refuses to dismantle and goes contrary to the PLAN (which was followed by Anna, Kiran Bedi, VK Singh , Ramdev to close shop.)

He decides that since ends have not been met , sets out to achieve them ( and fulfill requirement of product of people he has seen during protest) by his own brand new company.Thus a new company with new product appeal was formed by Kejriwal as founder along with several other people as co founders. Actors who were part of the plan  ( Anna, Ramdev, Kiran Bedi, V K Singh ) accuse Kejriwal of doing politics on protest as they claim Anna protest was NOT about achievement of aim but to make govt work (a completely false assumption because it was aimed to achieve political change).

AAP of Kejriwal carries forward his startup and on the basis of his customer observation assumes that his startup is representing the real demands of the customers which no other company has provided and that the customer needs the product badly.

Other companies get worried due to the entry of this new company in the market offering all those things which they are not capable and not interested in giving.

They say and claim that it is not the right  time to introduce the product in the Indian market. Customer memory is fresh due to Anna protest, AAP startup fights its first market entry test in the product launch during 2013 elections.

Customer demand and startup offering matches as company 1 was already targeted by on instructions of company 2 through its cadres and the media.

The benefit target was not defined to be company 2 (BJP) but focus was on corruption, hence target recipient of the benefit of protest went to the component of protest which was Kejriwalresult, startup company of Kejriwal gained 28 sales. Rest is history.

Inability to immediately defer the Anna protest target from Anna group to the required target BJP was the reason cadres resorted to targeted attacks from Anna group to Kejriwal . (Sadly it seems Kejriwal understood it too late and used to think Anna is being misguided on his government functioning by certain people)

2014 -More people desirous of gaining power via new startup connected with AAP and as a result of this power tussle, startup was forced to launch its product across India with no preparation whatsoever except using its prime asset  Kejriwal . As expected, because the mood was planned and created in and around Delhi, no amount of hard work by Anna protest brand helped this startup across India.

CEO of startup in his bid to position himself a direct competitor of main company 2, Kejriwal launched his brand in Varanasi but failed though came up at No 2.

POST May 2014 – 2015 Companies 1 and 2 , meanwhile having realized that the new startup is a serious threat to their business model. They started to deploy tactics of corporate killing used in inter corporate wars of India, to name a few.

Use govt machinery to create controversy on legality of its product. (Delhi police, power, water)

Use media to use establishment controversy to project that product of AAP is infact inferior to company 2 and company 1.

Use past Anna movement component of Kiran Bedi and Anna to discredit startup as a wrong solution, so customer think that AAP was not needed.

Create hypothetical controversies from components of startup to prove to customer that their solution is infact worse than company 1 and company 2 (Bushan, Kashmir and Shajiya Quam comment)

Meanwhile, power corrupts, plan to takeover leadership by ensuring that all blame for loss of startup in all India launch is put on CEO. But CEO somehow manages to crush the revolt.

Even the event of revolt crushing was provided support by company 1 and 2 and projected to claim that product of AAP is even worse than company 1 and 2 (  Hitler and Dictatorship and lack of democracy)

2015- Fast forward, One year passes under the rule of company 2. No details was  provided or questioned by any media channel about product offered to the customer by them. Customer themselves did not understand , neither felt the need to understand.

Media was deployed for appreciation of company 2. Meanwhile to further damage the AAP product, media was deployed to question the act of 2014 as BHAGODA tag. AK was able to cover it with his humbleness image and an apology. and along with the coverage, he created such a intense positivity buzz that company 1,2 and media despite their best efforts could not destroy it. Result was a clean sweep of 2015.

Post- Feb- 2015.

The event of this sweep gave sleepless nights  to company 1 and 2.

“We have to prove that the startup of AK is the same as us”.

“We have to do it by hook or crook. This means we will use any and all resources available including media”.

Plan was made to deploy primary attack via captive media with a single point agenda to prove AAP startup is similar to the other companies  in the eyes of the customers.

Second layer of attacks were planned via 3 more fronts, MHA, DP, LG MCD , CBI, IT, ED and IAS.

First hit job was about the VIP CULTURE like the car and the bungalow . And they didn’t look back after that. Every news report to the customer was clear, AAP startup product is nothing new, they are just like Congress and BJP .

Next came the IAS controversy on power sector issues and power cut threats. Then we had the ACB fight, ACB was nullified with the captive media hit job.

They are not following the law and fighting Modi government needlessly.

Message to the customer was that the new product is not bringing peace and development.

Then series of things happened from fronts of LG, CBI, IT, MCD etc. These were deployed with a purpose.

Captive media delivered the message that AAP startup is corrupt unlike what they claim.

CBI raids

LG approvals.

Wifi drama.

More VIP unlike Aam Aadmi .

Pay hike.

More power hungry.

Secretary issue and

Advertisement issue etc.

And all the while, this was happening, from Feb, 2015 till 2016 and now, memory of the Anna protest launchpad was diminishing and, it has almost completely exhausted at this moment in regard to possibly impact the customer . Currently, if anyone mentions Anna , its more of a joke term.

In the meantime Modi govt and his team not only strengthened their hold on captive media, but also the very crucial mass media source whatsapp where AAP had no presence whatsoever till today. So whatever is desired to be conveyed by company 2 and 1, gets propagated by several channels and gets reinforced by whatsapp, while AAP startup in its attempt to reach to customer is mostly busy in rebuttals on media, FB and twitter.

26 April, 2017-

As things stand now, AAP startup has faced 4 losses one after another and we suspect Punjab is going to see some turbulence very soon.

In 2013 you came to politics with an assumption about what the customer wants , working more or less 80% on the same customer and now there is disillusionment and a feeling of failure.

There are only two ways this can happen.

1) What you felt during the entry period was temporary and your appeal was also temporary and now it has settled down to some other requirement which you don’t know and hence are being rejected.


2) Customer choice has been systematically manipulated so that you are rejected. And thus forced to doubt yourself due to external and internal pressure.

If it is the first case, this means you need to go back to the drawing board and review the validity of customer model for your concept ( customer interviews) and be ready to accept the fact that result may or may not meet your definition of governance,

In which case the next decision for you will be to either shift your role to conditioning ( means fresh strategy in communications including closing down of whatsapp like channel gap with equal force than other companies)  or if you decide you can’t do both conditioning and then campaign, then it’s best to close down the shop.

If the second case, (customer choice manipulation) , there is no other way than to take high degree of risk , access some or any of the used and suspected EVM, conduct test on it and prepare your old style sting video and post it in anonymous forum and fight a legal case to bring reforms in all the levels of elections. This will most certainly require some super dedicated individual who is ready to face consequences somewhat like Snowden.

Janta is not always janradan, they may or they may not.

Plan for both cases.

In case they are, your assumptions on governance works well, and

In case they are not, your job shifts to decide if you want to spend time to condition them before starting work on governance as it wont impact without it.

Indian public is not known to appreciate struggle and fights, Anna protest was an exception. In general, Indian customer is a wait and watch kind which waits for final result and after seeing the successful party, starts quoting suggestions and reasons for them and invalidates the loser. Success is praised everywhere and it attracts countless justifications, similarly failure and more so clueless failure ( where you dont know precisely the reason ) will attract a lot of fear and rumor mongering where people running out of logic start turning on each other and blaming themselves for irrational shortfalls.

Currently most of the AAP members are clueless.

They have raised their company on the basic foundation that customer ( voter) is always correct and if they reject anyone , that means the rejected party must have some fundamental issue. This is not true,

Customer may be right or customer may be wrong with respect to your product, in startup language, it is said that the product doesn’t fit in the present market. It is also possible that your product in the current form is not desired presently. (though it was desired in 2013-14).


AAP startup needs to thoroughly review its product, seek feedback on what is the desirable product, check if AK and AAP ideology can afford to change themselves according to customer needs. If yes then prepare for the change.

If not then respectfully announce the end of tenure of Delhi government with a dissolution.

Another option. something in which all top leaders of AAP are very good,

Call public rallies as ‘feedback or manthan’ and take honest feedback in dialogue ( with sufficient security mechanism to avoid the ink drama) from people who just voted about what they thought was not  enough that they wouldn’t vote for AAP .

And come up with a new company product liked by the costumer.

Inputs by AD Yadav


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