When you shout and abuse other people, they shout on you back.

You then shout back at them with even more force and thus a conflict starts which can take a dirty turn soon.

I still remember an incident that happened a few decades ago. I was employed in a company and one day I learned about the murder of a shop supervisor. When the matter was investigated, it was found that there was hardly any reason for it.

It so happened that this supervisor was taking dinner at some Dhaba (road-side hotel). He was alone. On his next table, a few young men were talking loudly and that irritated this man. This man tried to stop them by raising his voice which soon became a big conflict. The owner of the restaurant asked them to go out of the restaurant.

His family got worried when he did not return in the night. They lodged the police complaint next day and a manhunt was launched. The police got his body after couple of days behind the bushes near that restaurant.

You have to learn to control your temper.

Just like a small spark of fire can burn the whole jungle, a small abuse can lead to very serious consequences.

Even if your abuses do not lead to the physical harm, it invariably lead to mental and emotional harm.

You can heal the physical wound by visiting a doctor, but the scar of the emotional wounds always remain on your heart and on the heart of other people.

Awdhesh Singh

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