A worker fills diesel in a vehicle at a fuel station in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad January 17, 2013. The government gave fuel retailers some leeway on Thursday to raise prices of heavily subsidised diesel, distancing itself from an unpopular policy ahead of elections while trying to revive an economy growing at its slowest pace in a decade. REUTERS/Amit Dave (INDIA - Tags: ENERGY BUSINESS)

Petrol station scams are very common in India.

When asked to fill petrol worth Rs.500, the attendant fills up only for
Rs.200. (Some people don’t even bother to check the meter and pay 500). When you notice that he only filled for 200 and remind him you had said 500,  he gives an innocent smile and says he heard 200 and that he will fill up the remaining 300. This is when he pulls another trick. Instead of resetting the meter to zero he will continue to fill and when he is done for 300 he asks for 500, (200+300), but in reality he only filed for 200+100 as he had not resetted the machine to zero. The guy will act in a very casual manner and may try to block your view the second time meter is started. If he feels he will be caught again, he’ll ask only for 300 and saves his ass.

One way they trick two-wheelers is by employing another person to distract you while filling. This guy will come from the other side and compliment your vehicle and ask about mileage, price etc. Sometimes a cashier will come and ask “Sir Cash or Card”.The moment you turn around and look at the cashier, the attendant stops the filling, resets to Zero takes out the nozzle and asks the next 2 wheeler to come forward. Sometimes they even give free advice – “Sir, see there is lot of dust around the tank opening, it will fall into the tank and pollute the petrol, you should clean it”


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