There was a man who was enjoying the sun on a beautiful beach.

>> A young man saw him from a distance and found his face very familiar. He then suddenly remembered that this man was his favourite author, who is one of the most famous authors of the world.

>> He ran towards him to get his autograph.
>> He was, however, shocked when the author demanded Rupees 100 for the autograph.

>> The man said, ‘Sir! Don’t you think it is too high amount for an autograph? It is going to take only a few seconds to sign the autograph.

>> The author replied, “No! My child. It has actually taken 52 years, 5 months, 15 days, 20 hours, 15 minutes and a few more seconds.”

I am still a learner and every day I spend a few hours reading books and learning.

I learn a lot because I have to do considerable research for writing well.

I learn from every incident of my life whether it is good or bad; success or failure.

I have been doing this for several years and I still feel that I know very little.

Any person can do this provided he/she is willing to spend several thousand hours of reading and learning from the books and undertaking many experiments in his life to learn from it.


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