He provides free tiffin service to more than 180 elders everyday in Mumbai.

Dr. Uday Modi is arranging food for the elders in the Bhayander area of Mumbai. He is sponsoring tiffin seva for several elders on daily basis, who have been left alone by their children in the Mira Bhayander area. As the founder of “Shravan Tiffin Seva” he is running this organization for the past 8 years.

The Incident that changed him, It all began with a senior couple who used to stay alone at a distance of few lanes of his clinic, A 82 years old men and his 78 years old wife was paralytic and her husband had knee problem and cannot walk properly. Though the couple had three sons but none of them had time to take care of their parents. The couple was the patient of Dr. Modi, as he is an ayurvedic doctor. One day around 10 pm at night as Dr. Modi was planning to shut down the clinic and going for dinner at home, The old husband came to his clinic for medicine and gets sentimental while talking. Dr Modi inquired what had happened and if there is any problem The old man said “As you know my wife can’t make food and also we don’t have money for medicine”.

This incident inspired Dr Modi to send tiffin to the couple’s home everyday. His wife Kalpana pointed out that like them other abandoned elders also face the same problems so they should start this service for others as well.

In 2008, he was catering to only ten people from his home. Today, his organisation caters to more than 180 senior citizens of Mira- Bhayander area. He delivers free of cost pure vegetarian lunch of 8-10 Chapatis, Sabji, Lentils, Rice and Papad, Farsan. Somedays, Like on Monday the lunch includes sweet dish. Four hired cooks rustle up the meals with two kitchens, one where normal food is cooked while in the other kitchen food for the diabetic people is cooked . Along with this service, his team of voluntary social workers, also take care of medical treatment of senior citizens. Dr. Modi personally tastes all food before delivering so that the quality should be in good condition. The major challenge is that of delivering steaming hot food and on time but till now in the last 8 years not a single day the food was missed to be delivered.

As Dr. Modi’s financial condition is not too strong, he’s also works in teleserials as a Junior artist for saving more money for the elders. Sometime his friends also support him for collecting funds. “All credit goes to my sweet family and donors, And specially my wife who supporting me in every situations, says Dr. Modi. He is planning to open a home for the abandoned senior citizens through his donors and contributors support.

You can support Dr. Uday Modi: 9820448749


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