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There used to be a six year-old whose grandmother would proudly narrate this incident.

His grandmom and mother were taking the said kid to a public park in Delhi. When the guard at the gate stopped them from entering saying that the park was closed for maintenance, the boy remarked, “Tumhein pataa hai ki mere Daadu Chief Secretary, #$_& ke hain?” (“Do you know that my grandfather is the Chief Secretary of a state) All of six years and he knew the magic words that could open the gate. The gate did open and the boy did get to play. In a closed to public park, all for himself.

Another kid of similar vintage drives the car all by himself to his school. When confronted that

He is underage (below 18) and ineligible to drive

The school uniform is a dead giveaway of his age

His parents will be behind bars for his misdemeanors

If there is an bad accident while driving without a license he can never ever drive

Can’t he simply wait for six more months

His response is shocking. He has the ‘faith’ that his family’s political connections will get him out of any sticky situation.

Third kid wants to become an IAS officer because “IAS mein power hai.” (IAS has power)

Another instance…

We attended a wedding from where interestingly there were two families of siblings, one married to a person in the services and the second, a techie from the US.

The former’s kids couldn’t even tie their own shoelaces and had an orderly running behind them much of the time but thought little about playing in the sun, dust et al while the latter’s were almost self-sufficient but very hoity toity about the ‘ganda hai’ (dirt).

Until all this entitlement​ stops, VIP culture is here to stay.

Red light beacons stopped in Delhi a couple of years ago. How come we didn’t stand up then and applaud?

I am happy that the current government has taken this first baby step towards equalizing the VIPs with the mango people.

However, until the man on the street actually forgets his father and doesn’t dare remind the common man about, “Tu jaanta hai mera baap kaun hai?” (Do you know who my father is!) and until the VIPs are not allowed to get away with murder (literally), I am not falling for the “end of VIP culture” trap.

How about the huge cavalcades that follow the laal-batti cars, how about tax exemptions to these government servants, how about other perks, how about no frisking laws, how about the queues they jump with impunity?

As long as a Gaikwad can slap an Airlines official and get away without apologizing to the said senior and as long as similarly entitled people can say ‘we didn’t see that happen’, until lawmakers behave like goons, until entitlement ends, the VIP culture cannot go.


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