Sushmitha Basuthkar | Empowering Goa

Once me and my friend went to a food court. There we ordered food. We had to pay the bill before the foods comes to our table. The bill was rs.380/-. So my friend had paid it with Rs 500/- note. To return back the rest of the money, the manager did not have change. So he asked us to finish our food first, by then he’ll manage the balance.

We were fine with that and had our food. Usually that’s a busy place. Then we went to him asking for the balance amount. He claimed that we hadn’t given any kind of note to him. We were shocked by his response.

There was a kind of argument for few minutes. As usual few people gathered around us. He was not ready to accept that we gave him the note. So my friend has challenged him that if we find the note with him, he should cancel the whole bill amount.

Confidently the manager agreed with her. Then she took out her mobile, told a 6 digit number and asked him to check it in the drawer. As we thought, the note was found. Then he hesitatingly took it out. He gave it back to us saying that we need not pay the bill. But my friend paid off the bill and took afree coke in return.

My friend looked like the smartest that day.

Then she told me about her habit that whenever she takes out larger denomination notes, she has a habit of taking snaps before putting them into the purse. This habit not only saved us from loosing the money that day, but also the respect in the public.


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