An indian businessman who gave away 1200 cars, 400 flats and jewelleries as diwali bonus for his staffs

Savjibhai Dholakia ,business tycoon ,is the founder and partner of Hare Krishna exports, a surat based diamond manufacturing and exporting company.

He gave away bonuses and expensive stuffs to his employees last diwali as a sign of gratitude

His 491 employees got cars, 207 got fat bonus for buying the residential flats and 570 were gifted jewellery.

Each of them received gifts worth Rs 4 lakh according to the sources.

An employee who worked for a decade with the company says that he always cares about the well being of his workers and he gives away maximum bonuses every year to keep the employees motivated and enthusiastic about the work they are doing.

Dholakia also sent his son to Kerala to find a job for himself.

His son Dravya is pursuing his MBA in US. While he was on holiday in India his father asked him to try this challenge for a month to know the importance of struggle & outside world. His son graciously accepted the challenge.

He gave his son 3 pairs of clothes and Rs 7000 to manage his expenses in the new place.

He also set three conditions for his son

Never use his name or influence anywhere

He shouldn’t work at a place for more than a week

He must use 7000 only for emergency purposes and should not use the money for daily expenses.

His 21 year old son shares his experience

I packed three pairs of clothes, toiletries, and Rs 7,000 as emergency cash. I was not allowed to spend it unless in absolute dire necessity. I had to earn my own living – food, accommodation, everything. And I could not work at one place for more than a week

I started on June 26. Packed a duffel bag with the bare necessities. Until I was at the dinner table the night before, I did not know where I was about to go. My father had booked my tickets. I learnt I was going to Kochi in Kerala.

For the first five days, I struggled with finding a job, a place to stay and trying to afford food. I had no identification, I had a language barrier – why would anyone hire me? But on the sixth day, I managed to find a job at restaurant. I sold bakery items over the counter. I lived with the rest of the staff, ate what they ate. But my week was running out. So I started looking for a new job.

After much effort, I convinced the owner of an Adidas showroom to hire me. But on the first day, they realized I was not cut out for it and asked me to come back later so that they could train me and then hire me. It was sort of a way to let me go.

Dejected, I struggled a little more and finally landed a job at a call centre. The company sold solar power services to customers in the US. I had a fair bit of success there and started doing well. That was why they agreed to pay me per day. But it was a small startup, so the pay wasn’t very good. During this time I had lived on one meal a day – a plate of sambar rice. In the evenings, all I would get to eat were glucose biscuits served in the company.

On the last leg of my expedition, I managed to find work at a McDonald’s for Rs 30 an hour but I did not have to work there because the next day, my father’s associate came to bring me back. I spent the last two days going around meeting everybody who had helped me during my time in Kochi and presented small gifts of gratitude


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